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5 Stocks to BUY for 5G-Powered Gains

5 Stocks to BUY for 5G-Powered Gains

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How is it that we can send people to space, but can’t stream a video without it pausing?

Maybe it’s the millennial in me, but I have no patience for this.

If my text doesn’t send immediately, my movie takes longer than 10 minutes to load or my video chat with my family freezes … I’m ready to toss my smartphone out of the window.

Luckily, this is an America 1.0 problem.

And our 4G network is long overdue for an America 2.0 upgrade.

Enter … 5G!

5G is one of the more exciting innovations of America 2.0. (It definitely is for me!)

It’s going to move us forward at a speed we haven’t experienced before.

And 5G will leave no area of our life untouched. Not a single one.

This technology can handle more data — better and faster. The 5G market is projected to top $650 billion by 2026. It’s going to infuse more than $17 trillion into our global economy by 2035.

That means revolutionary gains are to be had for those who invest now. And I have just the way…

5G’s Making Its Move — Position Yourself for Profits Now

5G is going to transform nearly every industry, bringing it up to code with America 2.0:

Transportation: 5G will bring autonomous vehicles to every garage. It has the bandwidth for faster communication between the car and its data servers.

Not only that, but it will also pave the way for driverless cabs. Autonomous vehicles will receive information about the traffic ahead instantly, getting you to where you need to go, faster and safer.

This will impact how we travel. Already, a survey found that 47% of Americans are more likely to travel by car this summer, instead of flying. Driving eliminates so many concerns of air travel — no lengthy lines for security, no flight delays and no baggage fees.

Just imagine how much that percentage will increase when driving somewhere won’t even involve actual driving, since your car’s 5G has it covered.

Entertainment: Forget 3D! No more crowding into theatres. Movies will be enjoyed everywhere — on demand — taking only seconds to load. And the 3D we know now will be replaced with 5G-powered virtual reality … watching that will make you feel like you are a part of a Scorsese masterpiece.

Shopping: Finally, a way to buy things without the dreaded mall trips. (The worst part of shopping!) No more spending hours inspecting every potential property when looking for a home. No more measuring your living room to figure out if that couch you like would fit or match.

With 5G, you can do it all through virtual reality: tour a home, design your rooms and try on anything you like. Because of incredible America 2.0 innovators, we already have the needed hardware. We are only missing the connection bandwidth, which only 5G can provide.

5G isn’t just going to open the doors for America 2.0 — it will make it unstoppable.

1 ETF + 5 Stocks for 5G

5G is going to touch all of our Bold Profits mega trends — autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things and robotics…

Nothing will be the same — everything will be faster, better and easier.

To start your 5G portfolio today, I recommend buying Defiance 5G Next Gen Connectivity ETF (NYSE: FIVG).

This exchange-traded fund (ETF) meets Paul’s GoingUpness criteria — his strategy for picking the stocks with the most potential.

It’s making its V-rocket recovery and it is a great way to gain broad exposure to the 5G market.

We know 5G is at the top of your America 2.0 investing wish list.

That’s why Paul set out to find the best 5G plays. He put us all to work to identify the companies that will benefit immensely from this.

The companies we found will see astonishing returns in the near future, where widespread 5G adoption will be the new normal.

Some of these stocks are already making new highs and are up double and triple digits in our Profits Unlimited portfolio.

We’ve compiled all five of them in a special report: 5 America 2.0 Stocks to Power Up Your 5G Portfolio.

It has all the details on the ones that we believe will be the biggest winners in the 5G-powered future —  from chipmakers to manufacturing to the leader cornering the market.

To gain access to our full 5G portfolio, click here to join the Profits Unlimited circle. Paul will lay the groundwork you need to start investing in 5G through America 2.0.

Get started in America 2.0 today.


amara Barkhanoy

Tamara Barkhanoy

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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