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5 Starter Stocks for America 2.0’s Momentum

5 Starter Stocks for America 2.0’s Momentum

This kind of opportunity won’t come around for another 100 years…

I mean, if you could have got in on the ground floor of the steel industry, wouldn’t you?

Well, a similar opportunity is happening RIGHT NOW with America 2.0 stocks.

You can profit from this… big-time.

Here’s where to start: Buy these five America 2.0 starter stocks. These will give you exposure to the innovative industries across the board!

Check out today’s video for the five tickers driving America 2.0’s momentum TODAY:

5 Starter Stocks for America 2.0

want to give you a little update on STIXX. This is my acronym portfolio made up of ETFs. For those of you who are new to investing, an ETF trades just like a stock.

In other words, just like Tesla or Apple and things like that. However, it’s made up of many different stocks.

The idea is by buying one stock you are actually buying a whole bunch of stocks. The benefit of that is that it’s less risk in terms of market movements, company risk if a company goes bankrupt or things like that.

If you go back, you will see I have been recommending this trade I call STIXX for about five or six months now. It’s comprised of five different ETFs. There’s a semiconductor ETF. There’s a solar ETF, which is really a mix of many things including solar power. It has all the new energy stocks in it.

Then we have the housing ETF, biotech ETF and the industrials ETF. The idea behind STIXX is to try and capture through a bunch of ETFs and the stocks represented in it the heart and soul of what I have been calling America 2.0 for all of 2020.

This idea that we are in this incredible moment that won’t come around for another 100 years where every part of our economy, society and country, even the world, is in the midst of historic, unprecedented, radical change. It’s in every part of our economy.

My incredible colleague, Amber, noted the idea that ExxonMobil would be kicked out of the Dow Jones Industrial Average was unthinkable even as late as last year. And that is exactly what is happening. As ExxonMobil is going down you have Tesla rising to where it is now worth more than $300 billion.

That’s happened in the space of a few years. Tesla is still a fairly new company. That movement — Exxon versus Tesla — you are going to see more and more like it. In other words, there are many companies that people say as stalwarts of America 1.0, seemingly bulletproof and untouchable.

STIXX Powering New-World Stocks

Nonetheless, as I like to say, the destination is certain, only the speed is unknown. The destination is zero. I created STIXX as a way of introducing myself and our team to you on YouTube and all the folks in Bold Profits Daily, which is our free e-letter.

The idea is to try to attract an audience to the idea of America 2.0 and the idea of this phenomenal transition that is also an unbelievable investment opportunity. If you could go back and have a shot at investing in steam engines, railways or the coming of steel and so many of these things that are so old…

If you could have had that opportunity to get in on the ground floor, wouldn’t you want that? I certainly would.

STIXX is a way at trying to show you the power and potential of this America 2.0 idea. You can see the performance of STIXX. We started the portfolio with $1,000. That’s just something I generally recommend people who are starting out to use a dollar-based, equal weighting strategy.

Digital Steel at the Heart of America 2.0

You can see we put $1,000 into each of the five ETFs in STIXX. Even though we’ve had a short period of time, this has beaten the S&P 500 by a lot. Why is that? That’s because the semiconductors ETFs is chips. Computer chips are in everything today. There is no category of product or service that doesn’t have some sort of computer chip in it.

This is what I refer to as digital steel. If you go back to the Industrial Revolution, steel was in everything. This is why there was a booming steel business all over the country. Semiconductors, chips and sensors are digital steel. They are the guts of the America 2.0 revolution.

We are going to see many more of these put into everything — roads, windows, bridges, walls, doors, you name it. It will be in everything. There are even sensors you can get to put on plants that will tell you about the plants and guide you as to when to water it.

That just gets at the basic idea of what is going on. We start with digital steel and we go to one of the biggest transitions represented by the success of Tesla: Energy.

Accelerated Transition to Solar Energy

For so long we were based on carbon. Even though we continue to use carbon-based energy, we are clearly beginning to transition at accelerating rates.

You can see the stock markets, which always anticipate and always looking forward, is starting to price in that transition at an accelerating rate. It’s responsible for Tesla’s rise and responsible for the rise of the ETF — TAN is the ticker symbol. You can see it’s done incredibly well.

Housing Surge from Demographic Shift

The third one is a demographic shift. The millennial generation and gen z is coming right after them, these generations are much more closely packed than they used to be before. Until now, many of the choices and preferences defined in our economy were based on the Baby Boomer generation.

However, the millennial generation is even bigger. The biggest need there is right now is for housing. A way of capturing all the elements of the demographic shift is to be in housing. You can see ITB has also done very well.

Revolution Unfolding in Healthcare

The next one is healthcare, which is a huge part of our economy and such a critical need. We have this ETF, XBI, which tries to capture many of the elements that are there: precision medicine, genetics, molecular diagnostics.

It’s moving diagnosis to something that is an art to a science and based in algorithms and understandings we can put in a test and then matching your genes to drugs. It’s happening increasingly. Testing and precision medicine together, there is a revolution unfolding in healthcare.

The current pandemic has shown you. We are just nine months or maybe a year into this pandemic. We already have, I believe, 12 vaccine candidates in various stages of development. We synthesized and were able to analyze the DNA of this virus in something like three months.

In other words, things that would have taken years and years before we are now starting to deal with in real time. And for the next one that comes, it will be even faster. You want to be invested in it because it represents an enormous revolution. You can see XBI, which is the biotech index, has done incredibly well.

Industrials Represent Future         

The last one is the industrials index ETF. This one, thus far, has lagged. However, I believe looking out seven to 10 years, if you look at what Tesla is, in many ways it’s an industrial. They make cars, they also have batteries and solar power. Ultimately, it’s an industrial company.

In the end, our world is about making things to do things. I believe that the industrials will represent the future of this company. We are now reshoring things back from China and Mexico to make them here. We’re starting to use 3D printers, photonics and all these incredible technologies.

The industrial sector is going to be the beneficiary of all this, especially as we start to build out new industries like space for example. As many of you might know, one of Elon Musk’s other companies is called SpaceX. It’s already valued in the private markets at more than $45 billion.

It’s gone from zero to $45 billion in something like 12 years. In other words, phenomenal growth. If you go on Twitter you can see any of these rockets taking off nearly every week now.

Once again, coming back to the idea of this video, I came up with this acronym so other folks who have no idea what Profits Unlimited is, who I am or what Bold Profits is, can see the power of the America 2.0 idea captured across our economy in the parts that are seeing the most radical transformation that’s driving incredible growth.

If you are interested in these kinds of stocks, check into STIXX. You can also click on the strong hands. I made a video presentation about America 2.0. It lays out the whole scenario for you. If you are interested in specific stocks because an ETF, as I mentioned, does have anywhere from 30, 500 to 100 stocks there are some laggards in there.

There are definitely some America 1.0 stocks in there.





Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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