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5 Incredible Buys for the Innovation Era

5 Incredible Buys for the Innovation Era

We’re entering an era of rapid change.

I’m calling it the innovation era of America 2.0.

Around the world, companies are developing life-changing innovations using the mega trends my team and I talk about every week.

Everything from new energy to semiconductor chips, from artificial intelligence and robotics to 3D printing… It’s all taking shape to upgrade the infrastructure of the world!

And today, I’m recommending five incredible ways for you to buy into these worldwide mega trends as we enter the innovation era.

After you watch today’s Bold Profits Daily, keep reading and see if you’re up for a friendly challenge!

The Future of Wireless Power

I’m going to share three stories that I found in this publication called Interesting Engineering. The first one is about a New Zealand startup that is building the first long range, commercial power transmitter. Think about Nikola and Tesla, and what they were trying to do with those power coils.

NZ wireless power Startup Article

I don’t know if many people remember, but the idea of that was wireless transmission of electricity. We are now at the point where there is an actual company that is trying to make this into a commercial service you can get and use.

You know we focus on Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and robotics. The one thing that they all need is a certain amount of electrical power to function. Today, that is either done through some form of battery or connected through a wire to a power source. However, imagine if you could just beam down electricity to those things.

wireless power future of charging smart devices

You can see in a picture here what is being talked about. If you could beam down electricity to these devices, you could have them operated in all kinds of independent places where there is no battery. If there is a beam that can reach it, it can stay on and stay on all the time.

It would allow for a next level of innovation and ingenuity where we can make these devices do things, whether it be robots or passive devices that are simply recording, monitoring or transmitting information. Then when you combine it with 5G, you really have a lollapalooza effect.

You have all these things that can help you out. Then we bring in 5G and on top of that wireless electricity. Now you have this incredible combination and innovation that really starts to jump and scale up. Obviously, this is a private company, so there’s no direct way to actually invest in a wireless electricity company.

Nonetheless, what underpins wireless electricity? In the end, it’s still computer chips. You still need a lot of chips. It’s also advanced in techniques in photonics. In other words, lights and lasers are involved. Those are various things you can invest in. There are also various microelectronic components that would need to go into the device that transmits electricity.

You need something that sees it, processes it and make sure it’s safe. So, there are still opportunities to build a portfolio of companies that benefit from it. In our services, we focus on these types of innovation and breakthrough companies, if not directly, then in terms of building components.

Transportation Could Be Moving Underground

That’s one of the things I found that I felt represents the future direction we are going to go into. A second story I saw from Interesting Engineering was this story about the Boring Company, which is Elon Musk’s transportation and logistics company, getting approval to build and expand their tunnels.

boring company vegas loop tunnel

You can see here a picture of the tunnels that are setup to be built. It’s going to follow the Las Vegas Strip. Theoretically, over time it would begin at the airport in Vegas and travel The Strip. Now you have an alternative roadway system developing underground. Right now, it’s starting off small.

boring company vegas loop tunnel map

However, you will see in the diagram to the left, either someone is being very hopeful or there is the actual idea that it will eventually connect to Los Angeles. What is being built here is essentially a new road network, a new railway network and a new transportation network that is being built completely underground.

Once again, we have a new idea of taking something that already exists and simply changing the form. But by changing the form of it, we can have so many innovations stacked on top of it. That’s that lollapalooza effect again. With the Boring Company and having tunnels, there are so many benefits that can happen as a result of moving our transportation underground.

We would no longer need to put roads up. We have a lot of roads and they are useful for our cars, but we have to wipe out trees and everything there. Underground tunnels are safer in earthquakes. Elon Musk tells people if you are at sea, it’s rockiest at the top, it’s calm underneath. That is true for the earth as well.

Once again, being that this is very early on, we have no idea in terms of what entrepreneurs and people find ways to do with these underground tunnels. No one could imagine this network of highways could ultimately lead to the developments that are there, whether it be big box stores, rest stops or any number of ideas that came.

This now is a huge development in the area of transportation. When you look at transportation today, for the most part our infrastructure is somewhere between 50 and 100 years old. Railways have been around a long time and I believe that something like the Boring Company and another Elon Musk idea — the Hyperloop — are all setting up to completely disrupt our transportation and logistics infrastructure.

There are opportunities when you look at the existing companies out there. Who is going to do the work of all these tunnels being built? If this is going to become a larger development, if other cities see that Las Vegas is benefiting from lack of traffic, less disruption while being able to facilitate more transportation, then Los Angeles will want it, New York will want it, Chicago will want it, Dubai will want it, London will want it.

The industrial economy, represented by the existing industrial companies, are the ones who are going to help facilitate and build it. They’ll take the innovation and then take it somewhere else. So those companies would benefit from this.

Robotics Revolutionizing Infrastructure

This is a story about Japanese robots being used to build a large dam. This is not some small event. This is going to be 274 feet high (84 meters), 1,095.8 feet wide on completion. So, this is going to be a big dam.

japanese company robots building dam

They are going to layer the concrete from computers that are far away. They will operate cranes and pour the concrete. The idea is to save on resources. Obviously, there’s better safety, more efficiency. They have stated that currently using these techniques increases their productivity by 10%.

They believe eventually it would go to 30%. In Japan they have a significant labor shortage so it’s important for them to find new ways of doing things like this. Once again, we have a huge development happening where construction techniques can now start to be advanced using robotics.

This is something that has been in place, we’ve always had robots. However, their capability has always been a little bit constrained in some ways. Here we have it where you are going to see new techniques happen in the construction industry, which is a large industry around the world.

You can benefit from this by owning the companies that are going to use these techniques. They are using robotics, but 3D printing is also another technique being used. Once again, you can benefit from that by owning a semiconductor ETF, which owns a lot of chip companies.

You can own various builders who are going to use these techniques. The industrial economy will also benefit, and it will benefit the people who have these projects. Bottom line is that the world is starting to change in a rapid way toward more innovation.

Thankfully, we have a lot of incredible solutions to solve problems better and more efficiently. These three stories just give you an example. Just wrap all this together, one of the ways to get in on this is to buy into my STIXX basket. That’s the semiconductor ETF which is SMH. TAN, which is the solar ETF. Then there’s ITB, which is the homebuilders ETF for the United States. Then there’s XBI, the biotech index. Last is XLI, the industrials index.

STIXX Stocks

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