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5 Future Mega Trends With America 2.0 Gains Potential

We’re building the foundation for America 2.0.

And when you look ahead — with a little vision — it’s amazing how these transformations are taking shape today!

I’ve found FIVE incredible innovations that no one else is talking about! (5:01)

I believe all five of these new ideas have the potential to gain the same momentum that the rest of our mega trends have … and maybe even more:

  • Idea No. 1: Vertical farming. (6:51)
  • Idea No. 2: Mushrooms for mental health. (9:11)
  • Idea No. 3: Space. (12:10)
  • Idea No. 4: Flying taxis. (16:49)
  • Idea No. 5: New “metaverse” world for crypto investors. (18:18)

Too out there for you? Or just on point for Bold Profits? 😊

I even have a few ways you can invest in these America 2.0 ideas today:

Bold Profits Daily & Profits Unlimited Disclaimers

Many of the ideas we talk about reference stock ideas that are in Profits Unlimited and other newsletters. I want to mention is that any of the ideas you see us talk about here are for the long term.

We get a lot of comments after we post our videos where people are frustrated, annoyed, angry and irritated that whatever we have talked about has not worked out instantly in a day, week or month. I can tell you across our services the ideas we put in front of our readers are for a minimum of one to three years.

That’s approximately how long you might need to wait to see a positive return from any of the ideas you read here if you choose to act on them. Remember, we are not financial advisors. I want to make that 100% clear. All investing and anything in the stock market and with cryptocurrencies is super volatile.

Things go up and down all the time. If you are looking for stability or something that has a perfectly stable value, we are the wrong place for you. Anything we talk about is intended for the long term, it’s going to be volatile, it has risk. If you are looking for day trading advice or short-term advice there are lots of other YouTube channels and investors who do that and do it very well.

The third thing is that because we have a reasonable following for our newsletters — Profits Unlimited has a subscriber base in excess of 100,000 — there are a lot of scammers out there using my face that they take from my profile picture on YouTube or Twitter or Facebook.

Anyone asking you for money is just a scam and a fraud. You can see in the YouTube comments that people say, “WhatsApp me” or “Contact me.” You may see it on any other social media. It’s a fraud and a scam. Never respond to them. Certainly never make the mistake of sending them money.

This has happened more than once which is why I’m repeating this warning on a regular basis. Hopefully these folks will move on to someone else or just stop completely.

Now on to this week’s main idea.

In my judgment, this is an amazing time. A lot of people say it, but this is genuinely an amazing time. There are so many old industries and sectors that are being disruptified.

Then there’s genuinely new stuff that’s happening for the first time. It’s like being around for the invention of the steam engine or the first car.

5 Insane Ideas That Could Change Human Life

Today, I want to talk about five insane ideas that have the potential of changing human life and potentially making you a lot of money.

So here are five ideas I came up with that many people might think are super weird or are never going to pan out. The truth is, everything we take for granted today, at one point in time, people thought was never going to pan out, was too far in the future, was unrealistic and was never going to happen.

If you had that attitude, obviously you missed out. I can tell you that in today’s world things like these, these ideas and investment opportunities have a greater chance of happening than at any time in recent history. That’s the moment we are in. Lots of technologies are facilitating the likelihood that new technologies will work out, more than any time in recent history.

Vertical farming.

Vertical farming is growing crops in buildings versus outside where it is subject to weather conditions, bugs, all sorts of variables that are hard to control and expensive to control.

It also requires a great deal of human labor compared to something like vertical farming. You can look at a picture of vertical farming and you will see a lot of LED lights that provide the sunlight.

Then you have a lot of water and nutrients that are being provided through pipes or a system so the plants get exactly the amount of water, nutrients and lights they need. They are kept in optimal conditions so yields are higher, waste is low, cost is lower.

The levels of efficiency are so significant that, to me, this is a high probability bet even though it may seem like it’s sci-fi today. In other words, over time we are going to see more and more vertical farming show up in cities and towns around the world where food is grown locally, but in a building using vertical farming. So vertical farming is idea number one.

Yes, I will mention a couple of ideas that get you into this even though, at this point in time, some of these are so small there is no ETF I can give away for free. Obviously the single stocks that are associated with it we keep for our subscribers. They pay us and it seems like a fair transaction.

So there are stocks in vertical farming. They are in our small-cap and mid-cap investment newsletters. If you are interested in those, go to You will see all the newsletters I am associated with there. Some of those have stocks in them associated with vertical farming.


Psilocybin refers to mushrooms. Mushrooms have a bad rap because they are associated with 1960s and 70s drug culture. The truth is, there’s a revolution going on in the use of psilocybin and mushrooms with regard to mental health.

The one thing we have all learned as a result of the pandemic is the value of mental health. If you go on Google or just read you will see the struggles everyone is having keeping their mental health in line, avoiding burnout, keeping down their desperation and loneliness.

Clinical studies have been done over the last 5 or 10 years on psilocybin. Mushrooms that are grown have a certain chemical that, without any side effects or very few, have the capability to increase mental health by allowing people’s moods to lift and allowing them to come out of serious depressions and other serious mental illnesses.

For right now, we only have medications that have very mild efficacy, work in very few people and have significant side effects. So this way of treating mental health is, I know, going to be scoffed and laughed at by many people.

Nonetheless, there is an entire group of stocks working on this field. It’s going to be something that, like cannabis and other things that were once laughed at and not taken seriously, one day you will see there are some fairly large companies that have generated thousands of percent of gains associated with psilocybin because they are able to improve mental health.

This period of time where we have seen working from home and all the pressures associated with the pandemic have really lifted this issue right up front where we all acknowledge we need something to help us get through these moments. It was true all along but the pandemic has really made this an important issue.

Once again, the stocks associated with this are in our services which we do charge premiums for. Profits Unlimited from time to time will put a smaller stock in it but I will be straight up and tell you there are no psilocybin stocks in Profits Unlimited at the moment.


Space, as many people are now aware as a result of SpaceX — it’s sending rockets to space and, guess what, they bring them back. That’s right, they send them into space and the same rockets come back.

Sometimes they land from where they took off. Sometimes they land on a drone ship in the ocean. They are brought back, refurbished and sent back. I believe the record for a SpaceX rocket is nine or 10 times in terms of reusability.

In fact, they just used a previously used rocket to send the most recent astronauts into space. Even the spaceship they used was reused. In other words, we are in a new era of space where space development is something we can look out 5, 7, 15, 20 years and see there is a good chance we will have a lunar colony in space.

I would say it’s beyond a good chance. I would say it’s a near certainty it’s going to happen. Equally, at some point in time we will have space hotels and space tourism. In the more distant future we will have our second planet. A second planet for human beings to live on in Mars.

Elon Musk has made it his life’s mission to have a second planet that human beings can be on. All of SpaceX’s activity — just so you know, SpaceX is a $70 billion company. It’s still private. You cannot buy into it in the stock market. It’s a $70 billion company and their express purpose is to establish life on Mars.

Everything that they do, these rockets they created, has that end purpose. This has stimulated a mass amount of investment in the space area. There is everything from 3D printed rockets, companies that are promoting space tourism, a company planning to put up space hotels, lunar colonies.

There is an explosion of actual activity with huge amounts of money from big players who are anticipating this is going to be a big deal in the near future. I know when it comes to any of these things the objection people will have: “That’s so far out. I don’t have time to do all that.”

I will say these ideas may be inappropriate for some of you. Straight up, that’s the truth. However, the second thing is that markets anticipate the future. They always look forward. They are, at minimum, looking ahead six to 12 months.

Oftentimes as the confidence of a likelihood of an outcome increases they will look ahead by two or three years. If you simply avoid these areas waiting for it to become a reality, waiting for nice smooth growth, perfect dividends, perfect analyst ratings, usually by then a significant amount of returns are already in the stock.

You’ve missed out on everything from the first to the seventh inning and that’s where some of the biggest money is made. Space is one of these activities and areas which is early on. We are in the first inning. These companies are still setting up their business models and still figuring out their technology.

Yet, it’s clear there is huge backing, the technology is capable of doing what is necessary to make this into a significant, sustainable, massive business. I will say Profits Unlimited does have one space stock at present directly related to space in it.

Then we also have what we call a pick-and-shovel company. In other words, a company that has a significant amount of its business associated with making chips rated for space. They have to be particularly made for space because of the amount of radiation and other issues.

Urban Aviation.

This is a new business that is going to wipe out the airlines. It’s going to create a new form of transportation that is cheaper, more convenient, safer and more accessible.

You will no longer need an airport for a long runway for a plane to takeoff. These are called vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL). They can just sit someplace and rise like a helicopter. However, they don’t even have the issues a helicopter has. They need a lot less space, they are a lot lighter.

This has the potential — more than potential, it’s more than likely going to disrupt all the aviation transportation that we currently have and replace it over time. It’s likely going to take three to five years but remember, once again, what I mentioned earlier: Markets anticipate.

The moment it looks like there is a sustainable business model. The moment it looks like these aircraft are starting to get certified by the FAA and are starting to carry people, that idea will get investors excited and they will anticipate the future and bid them up.

Virtual Assets.

The last one is the one that’s going to get people’s eyes rolling and saying, “Paul, you have totally lost it.” Nonetheless, I will bring it up. People who invest in crypto will already know about this. It is virtual assets. I know some people will laugh when I talk about it.

However, there are several virtual worlds you can make investments in. You can buy virtual plots of land. The most well-known one is called Decentraland. You can go buy plots of land. There’s also virtual property of various kinds and animals you can own.

Many people will scoff at it and think it’s ridiculous, but this is a genuine market that continues to build. There’s a similar market to this called NFT or non-fungible token. It’s similar to this, but virtual property is a new and growing investment area that can produce substantial returns.

Right now the only real way I can see is primarily through crypto markets where you would need to be a little sophisticated in terms of using crypto to access it. However, I am pretty sure at some point in time there will also be investments you can make through the stock market.

I am investigating one company that recently came public. They might have enough of the same qualities that, perhaps, they represent also a virtual world. It’s a fairly large company. If it works out I will probably end up putting it into Profits Unlimited.

As a final thought, if you are looking to capture one investment that can be in all of this — vertical farming, psilocybin, space, urban aviation, virtual assets — all these drive off one of the megatrends we have talked about. They all use Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and they will all end up using blockchain as well.

If you think about those then the places that come to mind quickly that you can make investments in that have participation in all these things is chip companies. I have recommended VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (Nasdaq: SMH) again and again over the last five years.

I would say that’s still a good place to get participation in this. The second place is cloud computing. I have talked about a few different cloud computing ETFs on YouTube. One is the Global X Cloud Computing ETF (Nasdaq: CLOU). The other one is First Trust Cloud Computing ETF (Nasdaq: SKYY).

Any cloud computing ETF will give you general access to general exposure to all these. The third one, which might be a little harder to see for something like psilocybin is 3D printing. However, with respect to space, urban aviation and even vertical farming, 3D printing is going to be used to create things there.

We would tell you that if you want access to 3D printing the 3D Printing ETF (BATS: PRNT) is run by our friends at ARK Invest. That’s our video for this week. Five insane, crazy, but still high potential ideas that could make you 100 times your money.

It’s so early in the game in terms of getting into it. And there are a few ways to invest in it even if you are unable to buy single stocks. For that, you would need to subscribe to our services. The entryway for that is Profits Unlimited. You can go to to check it out and join today!


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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