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4 Stocks to Pump Up Your 2021 Portfolio

4 Stocks to Pump Up Your 2021 Portfolio

I did it.

I found my own answer to Jim Cramer’s old FANG stocks.

My version for you includes four incredible America 2.0 stocks leading the way in their respective industries.

If you bought when I first recommended it, you’d be up 320%!

The best part: I believe there’s still massive upside to these four stocks if you buy in today.

Get the four power plays for your 2021 portfolio now:

Buy STUF Stocks in 2021

This week I want to bring up something that I have talked about a lot.

It’s one of two free portfolios we have provided through our YouTube channel and our free e-letter Bold Profits Daily, which I recommend all of you subscribe to.

We have given away a portfolio that I want to talk about again today which is called STUF.

Here’s a backstory on STUF. I was always a little jealous of Jim Cramer who came up with FANG. The original FANG really was this incredible portfolio that is still going. It was Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. Then later on people came up with many variations of it.

There was FAANG, where they added Apple. Then some people even came up with a more difficult name called FAMGA. That was Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon. Nonetheless, I wanted to create my own acronym. I came up with STUF.

Obviously STUF is missing an extra F. Mine is STUF. The four companies were Spotify Technology (NYSE: SPOT), Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA), Uber Technologies (NYSE: UBER) and I borrowed one from Jim Cramer and took Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) and put it in there.

STUF Stocks

Since July 9, Spotify is up 46%, Tesla is up 1,134% and Uber, which was lagging for some time is now up about 12%. Facebook is up 88%.

As a portfolio, since we put this together it’s up an incredible, amazing, unbelievable 320%. That’s right, 320%. In other words, more than three times your money. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 is up about 22%. This is more than 10 times, it’s almost 16 times the return of the S&P 500.

STUF Stocks 2021

So owning these four stocks and doing nothing from July 9, 2019, has generated this performance. Many of you may be thinking, “We didn’t know. We didn’t invest.” The truth is, all of these four stocks are still in our Profits Unlimited portfolio.

I still believe these companies have additional upside. Today I want to lay out what some of the additional upside is in these companies. Let’s start with Spotify.


This is the world’s leading streaming company. When they first started most people believed that one of the big media companies of their time — Disney, Viacom or someone else — was going to become the leader.

However, it was clear that Spotify, because of the way their app is setup, they were from the beginning mobile native. They depended on people using their phones to use the app. This was the one that was going to be adopted. Plus, if you are a lover of music you could see their collection was incredible.

So if you take everything into account, the ease of using the app, the selection available and from its inception it was global. In other words, they never saw their opportunity as purely being about the U.S. or Europe, they have always been global. Today, they have in excess of 100 million subscribers.

This is still pretty early when you consider that nearly everyone around the world has one of these [holds up phone] and music is something that’s in nearly every single country and culture. Spotify is going to become more global and be able to get additional people to subscribe.

It’s still fairly young. Yes, the stock has risen a great deal since we put it in; it’s up 46%. Nonetheless, there are still hundreds of millions of people who can still subscribe to Spotify. And just like in the United States and Europe, they will start with the free plan.

Then as they see the benefit, greater utility and as people’s incomes rise, they will come and pay for it. That’s how Spotify makes their money. They offer subscriptions and people pay for it. These kinds of businesses tend to be what people call “sticky.”

In other words, once people start subscribing and you’ve built playlists and liked artists and songs, it’s hard to move to something else because now you have thousands and thousands of songs, hundreds of playlists and thousands of artists you have recorded which represent your music taste.

Then Spotify curates all of this. It takes that and applies an artificial intelligence (AI) engine to it so as to recommend more things you are going to like. When you put it together, Spotify is a reflection of Internet of Things (IoT), AI, the most current business model which is the subscription model.

It represents all that, which is why I believe it can continue to go up. It’s still in the STUF portfolio and it’s still in our Profits Unlimited portfolio.


There’s really nothing more to say. They dominate the world of electric vehicles (EV). They also dominate the world of autonomy, self driving and Autopilot. Robotaxis represent a huge upside to the stock.

Then there’s still the somewhat unknown businesses of their solar roofs and batteries which represent additional ways for which people will want to come and pay rising prices for it. They are in the process of disrupting the automobile business, but even that’s too modest.

They are creating the industry of autonomy and mobility. They are also disrupting the electricity and utility business associated with that and the energy business as represented by companies like ExxonMobil and others. So there’s still big upside left in Tesla.


Now when it comes to Uber this has been the most controversial stock in the STUF portfolio and even in my Profits Unlimited portfolio. People have challenged me as to Uber’s worth. Many people believe Uber is never going to make money and they are not going to survive.

However, Uber has been spending a great deal of money, in excess of $8 billion, to create its own autonomy solution and its own mobility solution. They already have, like Spotify, an app people know how to use. In the way I see it, over time you will see Uber shift from using regular cars to autonomous cars.

Now they will apply it to everything for transporting people or kids. Any parent knows it’s the bane of any parent to take your kids to birthday parties and all these events. You spend a lot of time in the car. Even having an autonomous car you semi control would be great.

However, having a regular autonomous car you can trust that’s going to deliver you and your kids to a place safely is something that’s highly desired. What I expect is Uber over time to shift to a more autonomous model. With that, you will see they will become one of the dominant players in mobility and autonomy.

They will also be able to apply this to the transportation of goods. For example, super markets that need to deliver things can use an autonomous solution. So there’s massive upside still left in Uber.


The last one is Facebook. Facebook is already quite a large company based on its Facebook platform, Instagram and WhatsApp. They own all three of those platforms. They have billions of people on them. As they put their messages up, pictures up and communicate, Facebook is able to put up advertising that generates billions of dollars.

Then there’s also a business that is far less known. They own Oculus Quest. It’s a maker of virtual reality (VR) headsets. Over time, I believe they are going to push into augmented reality (AR) and start to use this technology in so many different ways.

That’s going to extend into associated technologies like holograms and other things. This represents very large upside. This is where Facebook makes the hardware and it makes the software. It already has three platforms it can actually put onto VR. I still believe there is significant upside left in Facebook.

That’s the STUF portfolio. Maybe you missed out on it when we originally put it out. However, I still believe STUF can go up from here. I know it’s up 320% and it’s blowing away the S&P 500 and most other indices as well. I believe you can still own these companies.

As I laid out, they have opportunity and growth ahead of them. That’s what we focus on at Bold Profits and across all our publications. As I mentioned, we have a number of newsletters. If you are looking for a paid service, Profits Unlimited is our flagship service.

Our Profits Unlimited portfolio is annualizing at 50% since its inception, which is June 1, 2016, using equal-weighted methodology.

In other words, the same dollar amount in every stock based on the recorded prices.

Check out the full story about the era of America 2.0 and find out how you can unlock more stocks like STUF, here.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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