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4 Stock Portfolio Maintenance Tips for America 2.0

4 Stock Portfolio Maintenance Tips for America 2.0

Oil change. Date night. Annual checkup.

What does this seemingly random mix have in common?

They are all routine maintenance aspects of our daily lives.

From our cars to our personal relationships, active maintenance is needed to keep them in top-notch condition.

Maintenance means to upkeep, care for, support, keep in good condition and in existence.

Your investment portfolio requires the same kind of attention.

To profit as an America 2.0 investor, you need to make sure you’re preparing, choosing and maintaining the best stocks from our specific Bold Profits mega trends.

The key to building a portfolio for future stock growth is to rid it of fading America 1.0 companies and sow it with America 2.0 companies.

To do that, there are four major types of maintenance — and four easy steps you can take today to set yourself up for the fortunes to come in America’s great comeback.

No. 1 Preventative Maintenance

This is planned maintenance to prevent future problems.

For instance, periodic oil changes every 10,000 miles. Without these scheduled oil changes, the car’s engine will cease to run properly and eventually render inoperative.

Preventative maintenance for your America 2.0 portfolio means to create a personal schedule to check on the stocks that make up your portfolio.

This schedule can be weekly, monthly or quarterly.

During this scheduled maintenance, you want to make certain that your portfolio is clear of America 1.0 stocks, which may be in a steady decline.

You can replace those outdated stocks for the best America 2.0 stocks on the market.

To get you started, I recommend the laser-focused ones from Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited portfolio. You can learn more about these all-star stocks — including the  No. 1 America 2.0 stock for 2020 — by clicking here.

Once you get started the preventative maintenance is easy.

I sort through your emails every day, and Paul and I cover your preventative maintenance in our weekly updates. We’ll tell you exactly when to buy and sell.

You won’t want to miss these, so make sure you’re all set up by calling our customer care team at 1-866-584-4096. If you live outside the U.S., please dial 443-353-4446.

No. 2 Corrective Maintenance

Sometimes even with preventative maintenance, a piece of equipment can malfunction.

I’m a big gearhead, so let me stick to our car examples.

Maybe your new car experiences a recall due to a manufacturing defect. By taking the car into a licensed mechanic for a fix, you’ll be back on the road in no time.

For investing, corrective maintenance means fixing a problem — like getting rid of those America 1.0 stocks that can bring down your whole portfolio.

Last week, I gave you a place to start with 15 stocks to sell now. If you missed that one, you can read it here.

Once you clear out those, you can buy the most profitable America 2.0 stocks.

For easy portfolio growth, look no further than your Bold Profits Daily.

We deliver daily investing advice from Wall Street to Main Street and aim to help investors build a successful investment portfolio.

The whole team puts their best foot forward to give you stellar America 2.0 opportunities for free.

For instance, Paul published a free Bold Profits Daily report called STUF. It’s the four America 2.0 innovative stocks that will surpass the old FANG stocks. Read your copy here.

You can also share this with your friends and family. Just have them enter their email here to get a daily dose of our best America 2.0 coverage.

No. 3 Risk-Based Maintenance

Risk-based maintenance is an additional layer of in-depth analysis and testing.

It’s a process of digging deeper to make sure all systems are a go and work properly.

This is a step your mechanic will take by running a diagnostic test to detect any abnormalities before they become a hazardous or an expensive problem to fix.

This step can extend the useful life of your car — or portfolio — for the long term.

With investing, this means an in-depth analysis of a company’s earnings, revenue, projections, management and signs of “GoingUpness” (Paul’s signature strategy for picking the best stocks).

This can require some time and effort, which is why we do our utmost to take care of your risk-based maintenance, so you won’t have to do that heavy lifting.

Throughout the week, we post timely videos to the Paul Mampilly YouTube channel to keep you savvy investors up to date on the latest investment opportunities and innovations — including my monthly edition of Macro Monday.

You can check out the latest videos by clicking here. Then hit the red button to subscribe, so you never miss one.

No 4. Condition-Based Maintenance

Condition-based maintenance is the most labor-intensive of all maintenance.

This type of maintenance requires frequent regular checkups. Whatever you’re maintaining will need to be continuously assessed, prodded and investigated.

If you collect classic cars to showcase at events, this kind of maintenance might be necessary to keep the car up to standards.

Along with risk-based maintenance, this maintenance requires the most attention, especially for a growing America 2.0 portfolio.

It requires frequent regular checkups, and most importantly check-ins.

One of the keys to having a successful America 2.0 portfolio, is to carve out time to read and/or watch our daily articles and videos, created just for you. This is your condition-maintenance task.

Our heart’s desire is for you to be a successful America 2.0 investor.

To help you with this goal, we go beyond just the daily communication. The whole Bold Profits team — myself, Paul, Ian, Tamara and Patrick — tweet multiple times a day. As soon as we spot something that might help you, we post it.

So for your condition-based maintenance be sure to follow us all on Twitter: @MampillyGuru, @ALancasterGuru, @IanDyerGuru, @TBarkhanoy and @PGoodrich6.

We’ll post any timely investment information and opportunities that we come across.

You’re Ready for America 2.0 — the Greatest Investing Era of Our Time

As you can see, all aspects of daily lives require some form of maintenance.

The same holds for our finances and specifically a well-balanced investment portfolio set up to reap the benefits of America 2.0.

With that, this concludes our three-part series on building your strongest America 2.0 portfolio. Thank you for taking this investment journey with me!

And remember, right now, we’re living in a prime stock-picking environment.

I’m excited to say that America 2.0 stocks will be the first out of the starting gate, propelling higher, as the U.S. economy recovers.

As Paul proudly stated in our recent Market Talk video:

“We snap back. We fight back. And that’s what we — and our economy — are doing. It’s why this will be the greatest recovery in our history.”

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster

Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

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