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4 Bouts of Volatility to Score a 736% Gain

This sucks!

We get it.

Watching your growth stocks plummet is hard!

But here’s the thing. And it’s important.

ALL stocks will fall at some point. The key to locking in gains is to endure. To have Strong Hands.

This month we celebrated readers who scored a 736% gain on STMicroelectronics NV (STM).

And yes, we will always celebrate YOU for the wins.

Why? Because it wasn’t easy.

Take a look at this chart:

STM stock chart volatility and gains

Readers had to endure four major bouts of volatility to get that win. You might be in a similar position today with your stocks.

But as Ian likes to say: zoom out.

Look at the chart again. Over time, you can see STM is going up.

That’s what it means to have Strong Hands. We hold for growth for a minimum of one to three years, sometimes five or more.

We don’t put too much weight on day-to-day price swings. We use our GoingUpness strategy (click here for a refresh).

And hold during volatility for big money over time.

So, if you’re feeling spicy and the pain of the market, take a minute and remember: you’re enduring. You’ve got this!

Keep your Strong Hands.

And if you need to let out some spice 🌶️ or share your experience holding Strong Hands, let us know!


We’ll still be here for you come Monday, no matter what.

There Is Still Growth in This Market…

The first step is to shake off the volatility and hold your Strong Hands. Then, when you’re ready, we can show you that there’s still growth happening in America 2.0:


Your Bold Profits Team

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