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3D Printing: Factories, Jobs, GAINS for Your Future

3D Printing: Factories, Jobs, GAINS for Your Future

3D printing cracked the code.

It’s creating all-new electric cars, spacecraft and even medicines. But it all starts in one place…

On the factory floors right here in America.

Think of this Fourth Industrial Revolution world tech as the biggest manufacturing change since Ford’s assembly line.

Paul says: “Made in America is back!” And you can see his presentation on it right now, by clicking here. But then keep reading because I have a big new innovation to tell you about in this sector.

3D printing’s factories of the future are creating so many new jobs, disrupting industries and maybe more importantly — opening the door for a ton of new investment opportunities for YOU.

And I’m going to tell you about one today.

A new factory concept is taking over the 3D-printing industry.

This new concept will help the $16 billion global 3D-printing market reach its projected market size of $40.8 billion by 2024…

Big Gains Ahead in America’s Factories of the Future

Make way for 3D Factory Incubators!

3d factory incubator workplace

Now, the idea of a business incubator is not new.

It first came around in 1959 and really took off in the 80s.

In short, a business incubator is an entity that helps new and startup companies. It’s almost like a starter’s kit.

It can include office space, financial/accounting services, marketing expertise and formal training centers to create and build successful new businesses.

business incubators startup diagram

Per the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA):

“Today, there are an estimated 900 NBIA-affiliated business incubators in operation across the United States as well as affiliates in 40 countries.”

To date, there are more than 7,000 business incubators worldwide.

In North America alone, there are more than 27,000 companies with over 100,000 workers generating over $17 billion in revenue. And they all got their start in a business incubator.

Today, the concept of a business incubator is going next level for 3D-printing startups.

Right now, a high-tech 3D-printing business incubator, known as 3D Factory Incubator, is operating in Barcelona, Spain.

Already, this factory is producing results after becoming fully functional in 2019.

The 3D Factory Incubator is hyper focused on the creation, promotion and adoption of 3D-printing businesses worldwide.

It’s already helped create 55 incubated projects, surpassing the mid-goal of reaching 100 projects in its first five years of existence.

3d factory incubator services

It has a wide reach in different sectors, too, including:

  • Consumer goods industry.
  • Technology consulting.
  • Health care technology.
  • Mobility.
  • Information and communication technology.
  • Robotics
  • Logistics.
  • Chemicals.

Factory incubators are helping 3D-printing innovators invent and develop 3D-printing projects that will transform the traditional manufacturing sector for years to come.

3d factory incubator resources

This is just the beginning and it behooves savvy Main Street investors like you to be all-in on 3D-printing tech.

Don’t Miss the 3D-Printing Revolution

As always, we’re #BOP (bullish, optimistic and positive) on 3D-printing tech at Bold Profits.

This new concept of 3D-printing incubators is just the latest in this mega trend’s innovation.

It is powering Paul’s 3D-printing Remade in America forecast. So, remember to check out his 3D-printing predictions here.

We’re watching for new stellar 3D-printing plays for you every day. And there’s going to be plenty as it transforms American industries across the board.

Another way to invest in the promising gains of the growing 3D-printing market today is:

Buy shares in the 3D Printing ETF (BATS: PRNT).

PRNT is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) designed to track the price movements of stocks in companies involved in the 3D-printing industry.

The proliferation of 3D-printing tech is just getting started.

So, stay bullish and set yourself up for those big gains ahead!

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster
Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

Editor’s Note: Sixty-three million new jobs… The kind we haven’t seen since the days when America was king in auto power, space and medicine. It’s all thanks to 3D printing and it’s sparking the revival of the American industry. One little-known 3D-printing company is at the very forefront. In fact, Paul would go so far as to call it the No. 1 stock of the 21st century. This is a boon for the American worker … and for a possible new crop of millionaires. Get all the details here.

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