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3D Printing and Space: A Match-Up Built for America 2.0

3D Printing and Space: A Match-Up Built for America 2.0

Strong Hands scored big this week on Paul’s No. 1 pick for 2020: 3D printing.

But we’re not finished.

This win was proof that America 2.0 is taking off!

And 3D printing has more growth ahead. Why?

Because it’s teaming up with our new 2021 mega trend — Space! This mega trend match-up is built for the stars.

And your portfolio can rocket higher with this dynamic duo.

Thanks to America 2.0 tech like 3D printing, the cost of launching rockets into space is just 1% of what it cost 40 years ago.

This is HUGE.

It could mean more space exploration, travel, even missions to Mars!

And at Bold Profits Daily we believe that this combination of mega trends is a great sign for America 2.0’s future.

Space alone is on track to hit $1.4 trillion in the next decade. And Paul’s already on top of it.

He put together a full space presentation. He explains how 3D printing is transforming the new space economy.

Plus, he’s picked three stocks not to be missed as the industry soars.

Click here to unlock all the details now.

And keep reading for new MEGA opportunities we’re sending your way to start the new year off boldly!

Your New Year Opportunities

Here’s what the team found for you this week:

  • MEGA — 4 Trades to Buy for 2021. We want you in front of this accelerating America 2.0 moment. That’s why we’re revealing four MEGA stocks to give you a brand-new way into some of the most important mega trends of 2021 and beyond.
  • New Stocks for Space Gains NOW: Don’t Wait. The new space race could be the most important industry in America 2.0. And you need to be in BEFORE the big money comes in with their billions and bid the best space stocks higher.
  • 4 America 2.0 Powerhouse Portfolio Moves for 2021. To profit as an America 2.0 investor, we have four steps you need to take now to prepare your portfolio. These are powerhouse maintenance moves to set yourself up to make big gains!
  • Blockchain Buy for Bitcoin-Dow Race to 100K. America 2.0 companies invest in bitcoin, those companies replace the old-world ones currently weighing down the Dow, the new Dow soars to 100K and you collect crazy gains along the way!
  • Biggest Gains in 2021 Will Be… You have to read to see! We have no doubt that these stocks are going to keep going UP … bringing you incredible 2021 gains.


Your Bold Profits Team

P.S. Make sure you tune in to Market Talk Monday. Amber is diving deeper into 3D printing — revealing three exciting new developments you might not know about. And her top 3D-printing recommendation to buy.

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