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3 Ways to Beat Warren Buffett’s “Zombie Stocks”

3 Ways to Beat Warren Buffett’s “Zombie Stocks”

Warren Buffett is a legend in the investing world. But he is slacking when it comes to new-world stocks, clinging tightly to old-world “zombie stocks.”

From artificial intelligence to biotech to the Internet of Things, there are plenty of new stocks entering the market that are ready to overtake their competition.

This Disruptification is a huge part of every sector of our economy and every trend we track.

And my team and I keep a close eye on new-world companies and find ways to profit from today’s transforming market.

In this week’s video, I outline three reasons why the stocks Warren Buffett’s holding on to will not last long in the new age of investing.

Check it out below.

Invest Better Than Buffett With Disruptive Stocks

Buffett invested in companies like Coca-Cola, Kraft and many insurance companies, thinking that they capture people’s daily habits, but now his portfolio is filled with stock zombies.

Every day, Buffett’s investments die more and more, either slowly or quickly, but still dying.

And there are three main reasons why I believe Buffett is falling short of the mark.

First, we’re currently in a new era of healthier consumer preferences. Where once people saw Coca-Cola as just another refreshing drink, we now see sugar, obesity and diabetes. Owning stocks that don’t match what the majority of people value can be detrimental to a portfolio.

Then, consider that new tech is setting up to wipe out insurance as we know it. New fintech and insurance companies are changing the way insurance is written, priced and sold.

Based on my research, these companies are Disruptifying the old ways to become the new market leaders. Lemonade, Square, PayPal and crypto companies are all changing the game, meaning that stocks like Wells Fargo will slowly lose market share.

Finally, despite his best efforts to invest in tech with Apple, Buffett just joined the tech train a little too late. With all of the new tech initial public offerings (IPOs) joining the market, the old-world stocks will soon be eclipsed by them.

And to help you make sure you won’t miss out on these disruptive stocks, be sure to tune in to my IPO Fortunes Symposium. In it, you’ll learn how to spot a company’s true potential and how to pinpoint the best superstar stocks set to soar this year.


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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