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3 Stocks for America 2.0’s Race to Mars

New year = new opportunities.

And one of the biggest we’re watching this year? America 2.0’s crusade to space.

Look at this picture:

Mars Space Race

This is the site the U.S. has mapped out for the first Mars settlement.

Elon Musk agreed that this spot on the Red Planet could be the best spot to plant our American flag for habitats on Mars!

Crazy, right?!

But these phenomenal space innovations are unfolding right in front of us.

THIS is a pivotal moment in American … no — human history.

Most people don’t even realize it because in truth they still don’t get it. But they will. And we want you to be ahead of it.

Uncovering mega trends like this one — before everyone else — is nothing new for us. We’re speculators.

And Paul and the team have your way in today. They’ve put it all in this new special report: The Race to Mars Is Underway.

Click here to unlock three stocks and read the full details about the final frontier TODAY!

Shooting for the Stars for Big 2021 Gains

We’re looking for stocks to rocket higher in the new space race. And our Bold Profits team is leading the way for you to profit far beyond this year:

  • Space $$$ for You in 2021: Mega Trend Rockets! There’s a renewed spark for space exploration, with several launches in 2020 and more scheduled for 2021! We’re going to get there thanks to three America 2.0 innovations.
  • Space Stocks for Sky-High Profits. From satellites sent into orbit, to rocket launches, to walking and planting our flag on the moon. The milestones leading us to space have been nothing short of incredible. So, what’s next?
  • SpaceX Game-Changers + New Space Buys. Space is the industry to watch for new investment opportunities. It’s amazing. And the gains could be legendary. That’s why we’ve found three SpaceX innovations that are changing the world.
  • Your #BOP Blockchain Investment for 2021. This year, the new American dream of buying a home is going to go digital. Here are three predictions and the best buys you can add to your portfolio today.
  • 2021 Breakout Space Stocks. We made it! And one of our biggest predictions for 2021: Space. See the stocks and space innovations we recommend investing in today.


Your Bold Profits Team

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