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3 Profit Plays Behind Crypto’s “DeFi” Revolution

3 Profit Plays Behind Crypto’s “DeFi” Revolution

Crypto is leading a “DeFi” revolution.

Decentralized finance.

What that means is ultimately the banking system, insurance, finance as we know it … is all going to change.

And the world of America 2.0 crypto will take its place.

This is BIG.

Time after time, I’ve made predictions on blockchain, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that have come true. (Click here to get my latest blockchain prediction and No. 1 stock to play it.)

I called bitcoin’s bubble in 2017. Then the next year — the bottom. I predicted this year’s rally that I believe will lead us to $50,000.

So today, I want to give you a new crypto prediction … possibly one of my biggest.

Check out today’s video below and I’ll tell you three different ways you can profit from the new wave of crypto-powered DeFi solutions:

Crypto Innovation Is Taking Off

In 2017, I said Bitcoin was a bubble and it was going to crash. And that’s exactly what happened. Then I said that Bitcoin has bottomed and is going to go up. Ian Dyer and I have called for Bitcoin to go to $50,000 this year and then to $100,000 and then I believe it can get to as much as $250,000.

Nonetheless, between 2017 and now, crypto as an invention and innovation has really taken off. The Ethereum blockchain now has thousands of projects on it. The XRP blockchain has a lot of projects on it. Now there’s an entire movement called decentralized finance or DeFi, which by itself has a market capitalization in the billions.

This is an innovation that I believe is taking off. It’s ultimately going to completely change the world of finance.

From everything I can see from researching Bitcoin originally and understanding what blockchains are and now looking at the extraordinary array of projects sitting on Ethereum blockchains and any number of other blockchains, I believe what you are going to see is the world of insurance, banking, loans, mortgages, trade finance — all these things that have so much complexity.

Blockchain Streamlining Complexity

What is complexity? As human beings deal with each other there are issues that come up. I can’t tell for sure if you are trustworthy parties, so you pay a deposit. I can’t tell for sure if you own this piece of land or if you are the person who should take custody of this container on this ship.

I am unsure if you have done what you said you are going to do. I cannot tell if you have been good with credit in your life. This is all complexity. It revolves around trust. The problem of this is generally about people having no access to the information they need to make a decision, or to price something or the price risk.

Simultaneously, there’s also the time lag associated with the old money, which is essentially still paper money that is facilitated by the wire system. The best you can do is get it there in a few hours and the fees are extremely high.

Anyone who has bought a house, taken out a loan, had to rent a house or applied for anything, had to put down a deposit or several deposits, and will understand completely what I am talking about. The blockchain and crypto and any number of these decentralized finance currencies and apps they are going to facilitate is going to wipe that world out and make it much easier.

All your information will sit on the blockchain so anyone you are dealing with can be permissioned to see that information. Then they have that information in real time. It’s as complete or partial as you choose to be. All your information would sit there.

Anytime you go to buy a house, buy a car, apply for a job, apply for a license, rent a house or anything like that, everything is right there. That would be true for insurance and for everything. Just remember, all these things are priced at very high levels because of complexity or lack of trust and transparency. Also, the gap between when someone says they are sending money and when it is received.

Crypto and DeFi Will Topple Existing System

I believe the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance and apps are going to radically upend the existing system. Ultimately the banks of today will go into terminal decline, so will insurance companies. The way to benefit from that is to buy into and get exposure to the world of crypto.

You can do that through several ways. Obviously cryptos require a lot of processing power. So, you can do it through owning major chip companies that provide speed. These data blockchains are going to be enormous.

It’s a massive megatrend that I believe is going to play out over three, five, seven or 10 years, making people an extraordinary amount of money.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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