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3 New Innovations to Buy Into Now

3 New Innovations to Buy Into Now

The future is bright.

As investors, we need to always keep an eye toward tomorrow since that’s where the new-world money will be made.

Investing in technology that’s going to change the way we do things today is the best way to lock in huge gains.

And this week, the experts at Bold Profits Daily revealed three industries that show that the future is already becoming a reality.

You Can Take These Innovations to the Bank

We started off the week focusing on fintech, the future of financial technology. Fintech companies and apps have been popping up on the market over the past few years, and now it seems they’re gaining the momentum to turn the world of banking and insurance into an entirely new industry.

Then there’s the future of jobs.

Thousands of jobs people never would have dreamed of 20 years ago are now commonplace. But the surprising jobs of the future hint to where your investment dollars should go.

And now, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the health care industry is becoming more efficient. Robotic surgeries are speeding recovery times and increasing survival rates for formerly difficult surgeries.

All three of these industries are looking to the future. But at Bold Profits, the future — and time to invest — is NOW.

Week in Review

Monday, July 22: This week, Paul Mampilly and Amber Lancaster talk about Fintech vs. Big Banks — Why You’re the Winner. The fintech industry is making a ton of amazing advancements, to the point that millennials and Gen Z are turning to fintech apps and services over traditional banks for their financial needs. Because of this shift, old-world banks are trying to find ways to keep up with these new fintech companies. Click here to watch the team discuss how you can benefit.

Tuesday, July 23: Paul comes to you on video to discuss Buffett’s Portfolio Disrupted — Avoid Disaster and Make Money Now. Old-world insurance and banking stocks are about to be turned on their heads thanks to the fintech boom. And there’s one key investment you need to make if you want to avoid falling behind the tech innovations that are driving the market forward. Click here to watch.

Wednesday, July 24: Amber wants you to Profit Today From 100 Jobs of the Future. The answer to the age-old question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is evolving right before our eyes. And thanks to folks at Ford Motor Co., Deakin University and Griffith University, the jobs that children today will have when they join the workforce will be completely new and innovative. And you can profit from investing in the careers of tomorrow — today. Click here to learn how.

Thursday, July 25: Ian Dyer puts in his two cents on how Millennial Money Is Set to Disrupt $5 Trillion From Big Banks. It’s clear: Millennials and big banks don’t mix. With interest, overdraft and ATM fees on top of a general distrust of big corporations handling their money, millennials want to find a new way to bank. And you can take advantage of the trend! Click here for Ian’s newest fintech play.

Friday, July 26: The Bold Profits Team gives you a way to Grab Big Gains as Health Care Gets an AI Upgrade. Did you know that the $10 trillion health care industry wastes $0.30 of every dollar on inefficiencies? Artificial intelligence is about to change all that, and create windfalls for early investors. Click here for their innovative health care recommendation.

And in this week’s update video, Ian talked about the irrefutable evidence that Tesla’s growth story is just beginning, and why it will soon overtake the most recognizable car brands in the business. Be sure to check out his update video, “Why Tesla’s Stock Beats Ford,” by clicking here.


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