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3 Million — Did We Do It?

3 Million — Did We Do It?

Because of you…

One million people saw our funny video ad

You made it too easy!

So we decided to up the ante in the spirit of Bold Profits and shoot for 3 million.

And WOW!

You rose to the challenge. We are pleased to announce, you did it!

We are simply blown away by your Strong Hands and your dedication — not just to your own America 2.0 future, but your initiative in spreading the word.

It’s our mission to help make more Main Street millionaires … and with your help, we know we can do it!

We’ve already tripled our goal! (Like Profits Unlimited readers have tripled the market each year on average).

Not one but three million views in one week! You came through for us and helped extend our Strong Hands Nation!

This is huge!

Now, more Main Street investors know about Profits Unlimited — the best-kept investing secret out there — and they have you to thank!

If you haven’t watched or shared the video yet, please do! It’s a lot of fun. Visit or share with your loved ones — — for a good weekend laugh.

Even though we crushed our goal, we want to continue to show the world there’s a better way than Wall Street.

And it’s finally time for Main Street investors to have the upper hand in investing. Keep sharing:

And again, thank you!

From all of us at Bold Profits, we know you are the most incredible readers out there. And we know the sky is the limit when it comes to our Strong Hands Nation.

We couldn’t have reached this goal without you!

As a special token of our appreciation, we made you a Strong Hands Nation badge of honor! You’ve earned it.

And we promise, we will continue to bring you our A-game because you deserve the best from us!

A-Game Investing From Bold Profits

Here’s the best of the best that the team found for you this week:


Your Bold Profits Team

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"I couldn’t believe it … in just 2 months, I made $298,506 on one stock – that’s a 24% gain!"

- John B.

"You told me to ignore the noise on Wall Street. And thanks to you, I started towards the end of 2016 with $200,000 in my account and I recently put in an extra $100,000. [As of February 2019] My account is worth $500,788! I would’ve missed out if I followed conventional wisdom."

- Helen C.

“At the end of August [2018], my 401K was $659,000. Now, on September 4th [2018], it’s $715,000. My account is up $56,000 in the last 5 days!”

- Warren O

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