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3 Emerging Mega Trends for America 2.0 Profits

3 Emerging Mega Trends for America 2.0 Profits

Our list of mega trends is about to get a whole lot bigger!

I’ve found three incredible, mind-blowing industries on the verge of taking the market by storm.

And now is the time to buy into these industries — not tomorrow, not two years from now, TODAY!

I want you to be able to get into this new wave now before the crowd catches up and bids these investments up higher.

Watch below to see which three industries will become the most profitable America 2.0 plays:

Our world, our country, economy and society are in the midst of a once-in-a-100-year shift, change, movement — whatever you want to call it. So many things that people thought were in the realm of science fiction or purely of the imagination are now either increasingly coming true or we can see that over the next five, 10, 15 or 20 years they are going to come true.

It is going to take things that we saw and thought and imagined or saw in a movie or read in a book and now they will come to reality.

The Next Step of Space Exploration

We never pushed the envelope very far. You can say that perhaps our technology wasn’t ready for it, we didn’t have the commitment to it, and we didn’t have the desire to push further. However, all that has changed as a result of our friend Elon Musk starting SpaceX.

You can look at interviews of Elon talk about starting SpaceX and he thought SpaceX had a less than 10% chance of making it. In truth, it was a real act of determination, will and courage to take his money from PayPal and, rather than put it in another internet company, to really look forward 10, 20, 35 years.

He has this incredible, unbelievable goal of getting to Mars. Not just that, not just to get to Mars, but to make the human species into one that is interplanetary. Mars is really the first step. The idea is to colonize Mars and use it as a stepping off point to the rest of the universe.

That is a goal that I believe is large enough that this is the kind of goal the United States as a country, economy and people like to go for. Space represents the new frontier. Mars represents the new frontier.

This is going to be a large and big and growing industry. The best analogy for me is thinking about it through an industry we take for granted today. Go back 100 years and the airline industry is where the space industry is today. If you think today, we have airports across our country.

Plane travel is very ordinary. If you think about that 100 years hence, that’s what space travel will be. However, the biggest opportunities always come early. The biggest opportunities come right now.

Just look at SpaceX. It was worth almost nothing when he started in 2006. Today SpaceX is valued at nearly $50 billion. If you had the view that it was too early, you would have missed out on it.

Future Revolution of Mass Transportation

There is now a movement to really use this new technology which is faster, more efficient and more energy-efficient as well. It shrinks distances, which is the essence of something human beings desire as a species and a human race. Mass transportation is going to be completely revolutionized.

Things like rails are going to be seen as old dinosaurs that represented, at one point in time, technology and today are going to represent past technology. It’s also going to be represented in things like automation.

You are going to see significant signs of additional automation that’s going to come to the trucking industry and then the mobility industry — the movement of people through cities and across cities. It is going to upend the existing transportation infrastructure — airlines, trucking, the existing transportation systems that exist across the country.

New Energy Era is Here

Today we are getting a rising amount of our energy from the sun, the wind and now between what we can do with electronics, computer technology, software, hardware, chips of various kinds that can sit in water and air and also various developments in terms of understanding how to work with nature, we are now pushing the edge of new energy.

We are starting to look at wave power, friction or static power. We are starting to look at different ways to store that energy. I believe this is going to upend the existing energy market and existing utility market. These new forms of energy require new solutions, new thinking and new ways of organizing the energy structure.

It largely goes around or needs completely different infrastructure than what is currently in place. The best way you can think about it is if you look at Amazon, its operations are completely online and done through the internet. It looks nothing like an old department store.

Even when you look at the stock market you can see some of these stocks, whether they be about lithium ion batteries, various storage forms or new forms of energy, this is a sector of the market that is beginning to see the future coming at it faster and faster.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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