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3 Problems Solved by These Innovations Stocks

3 Problems Solved by These Innovations Stocks

You hear about problems everywhere you turn…

The biggest today: high oil prices, high food prices, supply chain issues.

Well, I’m going to tell you about three America 2.0 SOLUTIONS — and the stocks leading the charge.

With America 2.0 innovations — new energy, vertical farming, autonomous driving, robotics, 3D printing — these problems won’t last.

And if you look forward, they could be your biggest portfolio winners … if you invest today. Check it out:


If you read the financial media, wow, you’d be super impressed all the time because these folks focus on problems, crises. There’s no hope in there. There’s no positivity in there. The thing is, there’s plenty of things that are terrible that’s going on, there’s no question.

Still, there are solutions out there. In this video I want to tell you about three big problems you are reading about in the financial media and three solutions. I am going to tell you how our portfolios address these problems through specific stocks that have real world answers that are ready to go.

Silver bullets ready to go right now to address the problems you are seeing as a result of the war that is going on, supply chain issues and even things COVID brought out. Let’s quickly get through these.


How Can We Fix High Oil Prices?

The number one thing you are seeing in the financial media is high oil prices. Gasoline is at $4 or $5. Oil is at $100 or $110. We may not have supply. All these things. All of you already know EVs are ready to go. They have been in that slow part of change and now they are in that sudden hockey stick moment.

Tesla sold out for one year. My guess is, every carmaker if they had hundreds of thousands to EVs to sell, could probably sell them.

The other solution to high energy prices is renewable energy, solar power in particular. Implementation of new energy sources like hydrogen which are things that we know how to do and scale up.

The last one is using storage. One of the issues with renewable power that we have to solve is the sun only shines for part of the day. Then there’s the issue of cloudy days. You need some form of storage. We now have lots of different batteries.

Once again, the technology is right, they are scalable and we can adopt them. We can implement them in answer to the issues associate with high energy prices. For sure, high energy prices are going to get to electricity as well.

If we implement and adopt this, we can start to roll inflation back, roll prices back. The companies associated with this from our Profits Unlimited portfolio — for the purpose of this video I am just going to focus on Profits Unlimited — Tesla for EVs, alternative energies we have Plug Power and then Stem.

Stem coordinates all the storage power. Just within those three companies we have this opportunity that is about to experience its hockey stick moment. Tesla is already at the hockey stock moment, but Stem and Plug Power are about to go.

We are about to start substituting for all of these carbon-based fuels right now. Not in the future, right now. We are going to scale up and these stocks I believe are going to rocket up.


Will Food Prices Lower?

Problem number two you are reading about in the media as if things are hopeless and we have no chance is high food prices. People talk about fertilizers, food and eventually protein prices. What can we do about that? Vertical farming is an innovation we have been working on for 20 years.

It used to be called aquaponics and hydroponics. We just integrated all that, added LED lighting, algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) to be able to give plants the exact amount of light they need when they need it, put them in conditions where you don’t have bugs or all these issues.

Boom, you get way bigger yields. Every research paper I have read says we can increase our yields by some unthinkable number like five or ten times we currently do from traditional farming. That’s right, five or ten times greater. That’s massive.

Vertical farming is ready, willing and able to go right now. We can start to scale up vertical farms. We don’t need land. We can fill empty warehouses. We can put buildings up. I can tell you lots of folks I know are starting to put little vertical farms in their houses to grow vegetables and fruit.

We are expanding this technology into more and more crops. In fact, I tweeted out a paper that talked about how much we could increase the yield of vertically farmed wheat. As you know, that’s the one that’s being talked about as a big deal at this moment.

The second place is synthetic protein. We know how to synthesize protein without need a farm, animals, feeding them and then having to slaughter them. We can just have a plant put up where we manufacture protein. We just have to put up these plants.

You know the companies we are in in Profits Unlimited. We have GrowGeneration and Beyond Meat that address these issues. These are technologies and companies that are ready to go right now. They don’t’ have to be worked on. Their technologies are mature and ready.

You can go and implement this solution today. I am telling you, when people look back at this period one, two years from now, they will see people started to take action. You can take action because the technologies were ready. When you went to implement it, you got those increases in yields.

You were able to produce at much lower costs so it acted as a substitute for what we used to do. That’s the basis of innovation.


When Will Supply Chain Issues Be Fixed?

The third problem you are reading about is something that’s been going on for about a year. It’s the supply chain issues or what I would call broken globalization. For 30 years we have been looking to push out our production to more and more places where we produce each part in a different country.

Then they have to be assembled, assembled again, shipped, then finally shipped to the end market. It’s just too much. We just can’t handle it. It took a crisis like COVID to show us the supply chain is broken and is unsustainable long term.

In turn, it’s driven a second issue for us at home in the United States. We have a labor shortage. We have been pushing out our labor to places like Mexico, China and other places. Then when you broke the supply chain you create a labor shortage. The thing is, we are ready for this as well.

We have solutions. We have autonomy. Let’s say one of the big issues is finding enough truck drivers to drive semis. I’ll tell you, they have been working on autonomy on highways for a decade now. This technology is ready to go. Our regulators seeing that we need this tech to come in, they are moving it along.

Sooner rather than later, you are going to see trucks on the highway where there are no drivers. This is safe. It can be done easily. It’s actually safer than what we currently do. This is a technology that is 100% ready to go.

The other one is robotics. We have been working on robots to be able to do repetitive things that most human beings don’t enjoy doing. Now that we have a labor shortage, there’s no reason for them to be doing it. We can now substitute that labor with a robot.

It will stack a pallet or fetch things and put it in a cart. These things robots can do consistently and again and again.

The final one is 3D printing. I am not going to go into this because I’ve talked a lot about 3D printing. 3D printing allows you to make things locally, customize it. You don’t’ need big batch sizes. You don’t need a lot of material. It reduces the amount of what you need.

We have companies in our portfolio that have all these solutions that are commercial, scalable and ready to go. When people look back one, two, three years from now, they will see it was so obvious and wish they bought that company. It’s going to be hundreds of percent higher.

In my judgement. Remember, this channel is opinion and not advice. The companies in our portfolio are TuSimple, UiPath, Matterport, 3D Systems, Stratasys, Proto Labs. Look at our Profits Unlimited portfolio and all our services — Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum, Paul’s Secret Portfolio — we have solution after solution.

Most importantly, ready to go. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year. Now. Today. You can go ahead and get these technologies and start to scale up so as to be able to address the problems of today.

This is why even though stock prices in 2022 and late 2021 suggested that technology companies because interest rates were going to rise were going to have a major problem. Those folks were wrong. They were 100% wrong. The folks who stayed in our stock, our time is coming.

It’s nearly here. We’re going to have big gains because our companies, our stocks, the technologies they have represent the solution to all the things you are reading about that are a big problem. These solutions have decades of scale, decades of efficiencies and decades where they can keep lowering the prices.

They can make more and more for less. I am nothing but very BOP on our stocks and our companies. I believe we’re going to make big money. Be strong hands. If you like this video, come back next week and I’ll have another one. Until then, this is Paul saying bye.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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