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2022 = Takeoff Year for New Digital Gilded Age

2022 = Takeoff Year for New Digital Gilded Age

Here’s a 2022 outlook for you: $10.6 billion to $2.26 trillion!

That’s the growth of the crypto market since 2013. And it shows that we’re in the dawn of the New Digital Gilded Age.

Need another?

Look at Tesla. Despite shipping bottlenecks, chip shortages … they’ve gone from zero Tesla deliveries in 2011 to one million in 2021.

The crypto market and Tesla are telling you. There’s more to come.

America 2.0 companies have gone through the wringer. And they’ve overcome! They have proven life-changing technologies.

And we are going to see EXPONENTIAL growth.

2022 is a takeoff year.


You can’t win unless you’re in.

I’m sure 2021 shook out some weaker hands. But I’m telling you. Get back in.

Watch this to see why now is the time:


Amber Lancaster:  Happy New Year, Bold Profits Nation. Welcome to Market Talk Monday on the Paul Mampilly YouTube channel. I am Amber Lancaster. Thank you for tuning in. Paul is joining us in this video to share his latest market insights to kick off 2022.

Then, I’ll cap this update off with our first good news roundup for 2022. Hello Paul. Good to see you. Happy New Year.

Paul Mampilly: Hi Amber. Happy New Year to you too. And Alex is back there. Happy New Year. I put him to sleep already. It’s a good way to start the new year. Did you have a good new year, Amber?

Amber: I did. It was quite lovely. I was with family and chilled.

Paul: Same for me. I want to wish all our Strong Hands Nation a Happy New Year to all of you. I hope you all had a great, safe celebration and you are all ready for what I think is going to be a phenomenal year. Tell me when I can get started because I have a few things to share.

Amber: The floor is yours. We are all ears. Go ahead.


Where Are We Going In The Crypto Market?

Paul: If you are following me on Twitter you will see a retweeted a couple things this morning. I am usually up 5:30 or 6:00 doing my survey of things. I found some amazing tweets I retweeted. One from Charles Bilello and I forgot the other one. One was on the crypto market.

Tesla Retweet

I am going to start there. I believe in 2013 was where this tweet began. The crypto market was worth a total of $10.3 billion. In the world of assets, that’s nothing. At the end of 2021 it was worth more than $2.2 trillion. If you had gone back to May or the previous peak for Bitcoin (BTC), it was actually worth well over $3 trillion.

I am going to start there because it’s an example of where we are going in 2022. We are entering the new digital gilded age. Yet, the vast majority of the world is fixated on the way it used to work based on industrial-level thoughts.

Industrial level thinking is way better than what we used to have before it, which was agrarian-based and labor-based thinking, but the new digital gilded age is going to build wealth at exponential scale. What does that mean? Chart what the crypto market has done in eight years.

That’s what exponential means. $10.6 billion to $2.1 trillion. $10.6 billion to $2.1 trillion in eight years. Show me another asset. Show me a stock. Show me anything that has grown at that rate in human history. There is nothing. It points that this is a different time.

This is something that is different than anything we have had before. It proves out what we have been telling our Strong Hands Nation for several years. America 2.0 is not coming, it’s here. It’s here right now. 2022, I believe, is going to be a takeoff moment where you are going to see innovation come to the fore as we come out of this pandemic.

Where are we going?  We are going to America 2.0. We are going full speed into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. That’s what I believe is going to unfold in 2022. We are going to see extraordinary amounts of adoption of innovation. It’s not the creation of innovation; that work has been done.

These technologies have been put through the wringer. They have been put through a great depression that began in the year 2000 for innovation and the adoption of technology. These companies have survived, fought and struggled. In the process, they have proven themselves.

They have proven their technologies, their worth, their benefit to human society. Now they are ready to be adopted. We have seen some amazing things happen already in 2021. We were talking before getting on that no one at the beginning of the pandemic would imagine we have vaccines all around the world.

We have three in the United States. India has several. Russia has several. China has several. They could be available within one year of us being hit by this pandemic. That’s unthinkable within the old way. It’s very possible in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, America 2.0 way of thinking.


Let’s Look At Tesla

You may not think about it, but if you were to map that compared to what we might have experienced 20 or 50 years ago, it’s exponential. The speed at which we are able to experience the benefits of this is exponential. I’ll give you another example and I retweeted this as well.

Amber's Tesla Tweet

This is about Tesla production. Tesla 12 years ago gets started and they have zero cars. By the end of 2021 they had delivered 936,000 cars. It’s almost a million, which is nearly double what they did in 2020. This is during a period where legacy companies like GM, Ford, Volkswagen and others are telling you they can’t find enough chips.

They are having all these problems, yet Tesla is able to double production in this environment. Put those sales on a chart. In fact, one of our readers did that. He tweeted and said it was exponential. Nobody would have ever imagined Tesla would be at this run rate.

They are recording deliveries, but they are actually producing more than one million cars. They were just unable to get them to people. They record deliveries, but their production rate is more than one million. Exponential. Zero in 2009, one million in 2021. Exponential.


Why You Should Keep Your Strong Hand!

We are going to see that in more and more technologies, more products and services. That is music to the ears of our Strong Hands Nation. It means sales are going to rise and keep rising. Rise again and keep rising.

And keep doing that until some year from now people will be able to put up hockey stick charts for so many of the things we are invested in — 3D printing, space, photonics, precision medicine, new energy. Each one of them will have their own hockey stick charts.

However, you can’t get there unless you are in it. You can’t experience it unless you are in it. 2021 will have shaken out some of you who are weaker stronger hands. Come back in folks. Come back in. This is happening. This is not going to happen, it’s happening.

The growth of the crypto market is telling you this is happening. Us having this many vaccines for a virus that did not exist two or three years ago is telling you this is happening. It’s global. The number of Teslas being manufactured and delivered. The entire car industry is finally waking up and saying they are going to switch everything over. It’s telling you it’s happening.

If you are a YouTube person like I am, many of you may not know but I have not owned a TV since 1998. I have been on the internet to get all my information in excess of two decades now. I am very YouTube oriented. All my videos I get from YouTube. I don’t watch a lot of movies.

I was watching Lex Fridman talk to Elon Musk. If you want another example of where we are going, one day you are going to wake up and see trucks on the road with no one driving them. You are going to see cars on the road with no one driving. Elon is finally in regular time when he says full self driving is here.

In other words, better than a human being driving, by the end of next year. I still haven’t gotten my new Model X yet, but it will have full self driving. He says the number of times people break self driving is plummeting. People are finding fewer and fewer reasons to intervene or interrupt full self driving.

This is going to be an example America 2.0 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution happening right now. I think the ultimate symbol of this is space. When we see that Starship, this Statue of Liberty size rocket, the biggest rocket every made by man, designed to go put a lunar colony on the moon to get human beings on Mars.

When we see that get into orbit, I think that’s a sign for many people. However, by then, I believe a lot of stocks will have run. We have had a big crash again in many of our stocks. Sure, we had a big run in 2020.

Then people have bought into these — remember, this channel is opinion not advice — narratives around inflation and how the world is going to crash. I believe this is an incredible time to be alive. I am bullish, I am optimistic, I am positive — BOP. I am very very BOP.

I am nothing but BOP for 2022. I would tell you if you have been shaken out, find the courage, strength, conviction and belief to come back in. Give it too long and you are going to be one of these folks who says, “I shoulda, I coulda, I woulda. It was the opportunity of a generation.”

A generational opportunity passed you by. That’s what I have for 2022. I am BOP. In case anyone doubts anything, nothing has changed. Yes, it was a difficult year in 2021. Prices have come down. Still, nothing has changed. I am BOP.

Amber: Paul, I love how you are starting off this year on the right foot and where we need to be focused, which is forward looking. Thank you so much for sharing your insights today. I appreciate you so much.

Paul: Thank you for having me on. It’s always an honor and a pleasure. You are doing an awesome job for our Strong Hands Nation. Thank you.


Headlines You Should Check Out!

Amber: You’re welcome. See you soon, Paul. Thank you again to Paul for joining us on this edition of Market Talk Monday. Before I sign off, I want you to check out these three good news headlines to start your week with a bang.

Number one, as Paul just mentioned, I posted a tweet this morning about Tesla’s jaw-dropping fourth quarter deliveries. Tesla smashed its record and delivered 308,000 vehicles globally. Total sales for 2021 are now more than 936,000 — an 87% increase over 2020.

We are #BOP on Tesla. Stay BOP on Tesla in 2022.

Number two. The 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the most influential technology event in the world, kicks off this week in Las Vegas. It’s running from January 5-8. More than 2,200 vendors are confirmed to be there.

The in-person and digital hybrid event will showcase the latest innovations meant to make a better world and solve some of the biggest problems in health, energy, mobility, the environment and more. As a past attendee of CES I am receiving all the tech breakthroughs in my email inbox.

I will report on all the tech innovations in my next Bold Profits Daily article on Wednesday, January 5. To sign up for our free Bold Profits Daily e-letter, visit You will find innovative stock investing articles, videos and content with an America 2.0 focus with the entire Bold Profits team.

Finally, number three. This Bloomberg chart shows that BTC is setting up for a breakout. The latest pennant chart signals a further climb ahead.

Bitcoin Breakout Chart

This chart shows how BTC has recently breached the upper bound of a technical pattern. This pattern tends to signal higher prices ahead.

This chart underpins our long-term bullish stance on BTC’s price. Our very own Ian Dyer — editor of Crypto Flash Trader trading service — is predicting a $350,000 price target on BTC. As this “What one BTC can buy” retweet from Paul demonstrates, 10 years ago on BTC could buy a Big Mac.

Five years ago one BTC could buy an iPhone. Today, one BTC can buy a Tesla. With that, I have a question for you: In the next five years, what do you think one BTC can buy? Maybe a house. You never know. Let me know in the comments below.

If you are interested in investing in the cryptocurrency market and want to know more, click on the strong hands. Check out Ian Dyer’s Crypto Flash Trader. As we see it, there’s no better time than now to be invested in cryptocurrencies.

That concludes this week’s Market Talk. Thank you for watching. Please remember to subscribe and like this YouTube channel as it supports the channel. We’re wishing you a healthy and successful 2022 ahead. Have a great week ahead. Until next time, take care.


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Not only that, I told you the crypto market has surged to $2.26 trillion!

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