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Your 2022 Predictions Are Here!

Your 2022 Predictions Are Here!

Forget the roaring 2020s … this is the dawning of the “New Digital Gilded Age.”

We’re going to see EXPONENTIAL growth thanks to our mega trends.

If you’ve been following us, you are IN. We’ve been stacking the portfolios with stocks for this revolution for years.

If you’re not in, now is the time! You will regret missing out if you don’t.

You’re about to hear some big calls for:

  • Space and the metaverse.
  • IPOs
  • Price targets for bitcoin, Ethereum, ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK), 3D Printing ETF (PRNT) and the crypto economy.
  • New energy.
  • And a macro outlook for interest rates in 2022.

Get all your 2022 predictions NOW:



Amber Lancaster:  Hello and welcome to Market Talk Monday on the Paul Mampilly YouTube channel. I am Amber Lancaster. Thank you for tuning in. Today is the kickoff of our special Bold Profits predictions series for 2022. The entire Bold Profits team is joining me today to give a preview of our top 2022 bold investment predictions.

Today you will hear from Paul Mampilly, editor of the Profits Unlimited monthly newsletter and seven elite trading services; Ian Dyer, editor of Crypto Flash Trader and two elite trading services; Patrick Goodrich, investment research analyst at Bold Profits; and Dan Shifflett, investment analyst at Bold Profits as well.

Of course, yours truly, Director of Investment Research along with our mascot — who is napping — Alex. It is what it is.

Paul Mampilly: Alex, buddy, it’s the predictions! There you go. Nevermind, it’s OK. We’ll know when we have a big prediction when Alex perks up and starts barking.

Amber: I think you’re right. He had a good breakfast and he’s ready to go.

Paul: I am super stoked to hear all of our team’s predictions. I think we should get going.

Amber: Of course. First up is Ian. Ian is our crypto guru here. The floor is yours, take it away.


Who’s Adopting Bitcoin As Legal Tender And What’s The Crypto Market Cap!

Ian Dyer: Thanks Amber. I have two predictions for 2022. Obviously both are crypto related. The first one is that I believe three more countries are going to adopt Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. I think government investment in BTC is going to grow.

Right now I think governments around the world own 1.25% of the total supply. I think next year it will go well above 2% and I think we will see a lot of interest from them.

My second prediction is that the total crypto market cap is going to hit $20 trillion. I think that’s 650% growth from here. I think it’s going to be a huge year for crypto and I am excited about that.

Amber: That’s awesome. We love to hear Ian’s bullishness on the crypto market.

Paul: I am going to ask Ian a question. If you want to go further out on a ledge on the crypto prediction, what are the three countries going to be if you were to guess?

Ian: That’s good. Ukraine has a ton of BTC already. They have already been friendly with legislation toward BTC. So that could be one. I think Argentina is another possibility. And, let me think — we’ll go with Panama. They have had some friendly legislation too.

Those are my three picks for now. We will see.

Paul: You should reiterate since this is the predictions issue your gangbuster predictions for BTC and Ethereum (ETH).

Ian: That fits into the $20 trillion prediction. BTC I think is going to hit $350,000. That would be about a $7 trillion market cap. ETH I think will hit $20,000 a coin. That would be another $2 trillion. Combined, that’s $9 trillion.

I think stable coins will get anywhere between $500 billion and $1 trillion. I think alt coins will make up the rest. That’s the 40,000 foot view of that prediction, but I will get more into that in next week’s update.

Paul: Awesome.

Amber: Very good information. Thank you. Next up is Patrick. Share your predictions with us.


IOP Market And Dow Shake-Up!

Patrick Goodrich: Thank you, Amber. I have three predictions. One is about the IPO market. I believe there will be 400 IPOs next year in 2022. Then my second prediction is there will be a continuation of the Dow shakeup. More America 2.0 companies are going to enter into the Dow 30.

My third prediction is that at least 10 companies in the Dow Jones will put BTC on their balance sheet. I am looking forward to 2022. I will have more for you guys next week in my Bold Profits Daily article, which I believe is coming out on Saturday.

Paul: Patrick, I have to ask you a question. If you were to guess one company, which one do you think is the most likely to enter the Dow? It’s such a sleepy exchange. Is ExxonMobil still in the Dow? Or is it gone?

Patrick: Exxon is gone, but Chevron remains. I am going to go with Tesla. I think Tesla will replace Chevron and be entered into the Dow. I hope that happens because I believe if the Dow is what the economy looks like, an America 2.0 economy is going to have Tesla in it.

Paul: I will put you on the spot a second time. Folks, I did not tell Patrick I was going to do this. One IPO you are really stoked on.

Patrick: Stripe, which is still a private company. It’s one of the largest unicorn companies we have. It might even be a centicorn or one of those $100 billion valuations. They are a fintech company with a BTC payment processing company.

I am looking forward to that potentially going public in 2022. It would be exciting to say the least.

Paul: For me, I hope SpaceX comes IPO. That would be awesome. Amber, I am done with my questions.

Amber: Good questions. Who doesn’t like both those companies? Dan, we are ready to hear from you. What are your predictions for 2022?


What Will ARKKs and 3D Printings Shares Reach?

Dan Shifflett: I have two predictions. My first prediction is that ARKK — Cathie Wood’s ETF — is going to reach $250 per share. Right now it’s at $100 per share. I think as growth stocks come roaring back we are going to see huge demand for shares of ARKK.

My second prediction is that the 3D printing ETF (PRNT) will reach $100 per share. Right now it’s around $33. That’s a 200% gain. I think as America 2.0 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution continue to chug along we will see huge demand for 3D printing.

3D printing is huge across a lot of growth sectors so we will see huge demand for PRNT.

Paul: Dan, I have to put you on the spot as well. We can’t have unequal treatment. What is your favorite 3D printing stock? One that is in PRNT. And I’m double putting you on the spot. Your favorite stock in ARKK? You can’t say Tesla.

Dan: OK. My favorite 3D printing stock would be 3D Systems (DDD). They are the largest publically traded company in 3D printing. I think they are going to be huge and they are leading the way. My favorite stock in ARKK — I mean there are a lot of growth stocks in there that can do well, but I think Teladoc is going to be huge.

Last time I checked I think it was their second-largest holding. I think it’s going to continue to grow. Teladoc has come down quite a bit and I think there’s a lot of room for it to grow.

Paul: I agree. That’s it. No more putting you on the spot.


New Energy Investing Opportunities

Amber: It’s my turn. I want to start out by saying the race to new energy is on with a checkered flag. It’s ready to go. Check out this headline from the International Energy Agency. The agency is finding that renewable electricity growth is accelerating faster than ever worldwide, supporting the emergence of a new global energy economy.

In the U.S. alone, the agency forecasts that renewable energy capacity is set to increase by 65%, adding more than 200 gigawatts from 2021 to 2026. This expansion is “driven by state level targets, federal tax incentives and the attractiveness of corporate procurement as well as purchases for renewable electricity.”

What’s most notable is that more than 75% of this renewable energy growth is forecast to be from solar photovoltaic systems and the remainder is almost exclusively from wind. That brings me to my forecast. In 2021 my prediction focused on growing energy storage markets and how then was a good time to invest.

I’m pleased to report, based on Wood Mackenzie’s data, global energy storage deployments are set to triple this year in 2021. And data from Bloomberg confirms that the U.S. is expected to overtake South Korea to become the world’s largest energy storage market for this year and retain this position over the next decade.

This is great news for the energy storage market. But now for 2022, I am sticking with the growing investment opportunities in the new energy market that Paul has coined as one of the top America 2.0 industry megatrends to follow. I’m doing so with a focus on solar energy.

As this Bloomberg chart shows, solar energy’s build is set to leap next year after some 2021 delays due to shortages in solar modules. By 2022, those delays are anticipated to be resolved, thereby making 2022 a potential bumper year for solar installations.

BNEF estimates solar build could exceed 200 gigawatts for the first time in 2022, perhaps reaching as high as 250 gigawatts in an optimistic scenario as supply increases and prices for solar modules fall.

These 2022 projections are happening as one major U.S. solar company announces they have received the largest ever order for solar modules in the company’s history. It shows demand is there and bodes well for potential gains in solar-focused investments.

I will have more details in my upcoming Bold Profits Daily articles on some of the best ways to invest in new energy. Please stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I would continue recommending adding shares in the First Trust Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy Index Fund (QCLN).

QCLN tracks the performance of clean energy companies — what we call new energy here at Bold Profits — that are publicly traded in the U.S. That’s it for my predictions. I don’t know if you have questions for me, but the floor is yours.



The Future Of U.S. Interest Rates

Paul: Everything you said is great. We are all in on new energy across every service. There’s not a service that doesn’t have huge exposure. We are all in on solar power and storage. Everything you are saying is music to our Strong Hands Nation’s ears. There are some big gains coming there.

I am going to look up some notes because my predictions are hopefully going to measure up against your predictions. My big prediction for 2022 is a macro prediction. I think I will get trolled hard for this, but I am going to go with it. I believe U.S. interest rates next year are going to go negative.

That will be something that has not been seen in a significant way in the United States. However, it is prevalent through a lot of Europe. What is going to happen is it’s going to drive an extraordinary amount of money into crypto and also into capital spending.

I am going to put a slight fudge factor and say it’s not going to be negative 20 or something like that. I think it will hover around the zero and negative. Nonetheless, there will be enough persistence for people to say interest rates are negative. No one is going to mistake it for a normal interest rate environment.

This will be extraordinary for our stocks, our way of looking at the world and our investments. With interest rates zero to negative it completely eliminates the obstructions to investing in 3D printing, space, photonics or any of these things.

The productivity gain from investing in all these things — Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, new energy, fintech, genomics and all these things put together — it’s exponential. In other words, before in the Industrial Revolution you got linear improvements.

Here, you get exponential improvements. Exponential means you multiply it. Seven times time is 49, as opposed to where you are just increasing a percentage. You get exponential improvements. That’s going to come as a shock to people who are not invested in these companies.

It will not come as a shock to all of you in our Strong Hands Nation because that is what you are invested in and what we have told you for three or four years now is happening. It’s happening now. It’s unfolding now. It’s not going to happen, it’s unfolding now.

It’s going to create a greater awareness of where we are in time. There have been people who are falsely telling people this is like the Roaring 20s. I have never liked that. I always thought that was false. The Roaring 20s actually was the end of that first big peak from the Industrial Revolution.

It was filled with leverage and a lot of things, which is why it ended in the crash in 1929. Then the Great Depression followed. The Gilded Age is what we’re really in. We are in the new Gilded Age driven by these digital technologies that are mature. They are ready.

They are permeating every company, every single part of every person’s life, every part of our society and economy. It’s going to absolutely soar the prices of the stocks that have the technology or are implementing the technology to get the benefits that come along with it.

They are exponential. That’s the part that’s shocking. We simply have not seen that. Just like if we could transport ourselves back 150 years the Industrial Revolution was shocking to the agrarian economy. It’s not possible to imagine that anymore because all of us have lived in an industrial age.

We simply have never experienced that. For those folks who have only seen hand-driven labor, the mechanized economy was a shock for how efficient it could be, how productive it could be and how much more was produced. That same thing is about to happen.

It’s going to be a takeoff moment for our stocks and the themes we are invested in. Whatever we have seen so far, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The biggest gains are still to come. The Gilded Age was the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution.

It was the most prosperous era in terms of economic growth in U.S. history. We are about to go through the new Digital Gilded Age and it’s going to be extraordinary. That’s my prediction for 2022. We are at the takeoff moment. That means more implementation of the megatrends we talk about: AI, IoT, robotics.

There are so many. Then crypto will no longer be seen as something that is separate. It will become an integral part of all this. You are also going to see one of the most divisible symbols of the Gilded New Age. We are going to see SpaceX’s Starship, this Statue of Liberty size spaceship, go into orbit and come back.

I believe people will be in awe of this moment of this new Gilded Age. I believe it’s also going to be a literal takeoff moment for space, which we are also all in on. That’s my predictions for 2022.

Amber: I think you have us excited about what to anticipate in 2022 and beyond. Thank you, Paul, for letting us know we need to look at this in a new way. We are in the new Gilded Age. With that, I want to thank everyone for tuning in. Thank you to each of the analysts who came on today.

Paul, Patrick, Ian and Dan, it’s good to see you as always. Since we are here, I thought we could give the famous Paul wave goodbye.

Paul: I think we should do a coordinated wave. First, let me thank all of you in our Strong Hands Nation. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for your courage, conviction and faith. I believe it’s going to be rewarded in 2022. Team, are we ready to go. Pick a direction.

Everybody ready? This is Bold Profits saying bye.

Don’t forget to stay tuned all week. Everyone is going to dive into their predictions and tell you ways to invest!


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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