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2021 Stock Market Forecasts — What’s Your Pick?

2021 Stock Market Forecasts — What’s Your Pick?

That’s a wrap on this week’s special 2021 Prediction Series!

And wow! The team did not disappoint with some BOLD calls.

Ian — “The crypto market will hit $5 trillion.”

Tamara — “80% of home showings will go virtual.”

Patrick — “300 America 2.0 IPOs and bitcoin heading into Dow 100K.”

Amber — “It’s going to be THE year for a new energy boom.” Paul piggybacked this prediction with his No. 1 stock for the new energy revolution and the secret to the 12-million-mile battery. Click here to see that now.

And as for Paul … he made several incredibly huge speculations on 3D printing, a bitcoin shocker and named three space companies to watch in 2021.

Then throughout the week, they dived in giving you specific opportunities around these predictions.

We hope you enjoyed the series and are as excited for 2021 as we are!

But we want to know: Which 2021 prediction are you investing in and are there more that you want to hear about?

Let us know here:


Then next Saturday, we’ll reveal any new opportunities and share our No. 1 investing strategy for 2021.

If you missed any of these 2021 opportunities, keep reading for a recap.

Stocks, ETFs and 2021 Opportunities for YOU

Catch up on our 2021 Bold Profits Daily prediction series here:


Your Bold Profits Team

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