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Bitcoin Currency Prediction CHECK! $250K Next?

Bitcoin Currency Prediction CHECK! $250K Next?

Get out your prediction card because I have exciting news.

One of my 2021 predictions — which some said was the most outrageous — is coming true!

El Salvador plans to adopt bitcoin as a new national currency.

It will be the FIRST country to start this crypto wave. This gives me a confidence boost that our bold predictions are making incredible strides.

Next up: bitcoin $250K in 12 months or even Ian’s bullish, optimistic and positive (#BOP) forecast for $350K before 2022?!

I can’t wait to see what prediction comes true next!

Check in on your Bold Profits 2021 predictions bingo card here.

Then watch Market Talk for all the America 2.0 goodies — including a 3D printing battery breakthrough that could transform electric vehicles! Talk about a massive mega trend mashup! See how you can profit:

How Big Could the Crypto Economy Grow?

I posted a Twitter poll to see what you think is coming in the crypto economy. Be sure to check out the results by clicking on the tweet below:

El Salvador Adopts Crypto as Currency

Amber Lancaster: Paul is joining us today to give us his latest bold Fourth Industrial Revolution stock market analysis.

Anything from Bitcoin to you name it, Paul covers it. And I’ll share a groundbreaking development in 3D printing and the electric vehicle (EV) battery market that’s set to accelerate EV adoption. Also, how you can get a copy of Paul’s EV battery technology breakthrough special report: Endless Energy.

It includes his number one stock pick for this revolution. To take a quick peek at the report, click the strong hands. Before we begin, click the subscribe button for this channel to get the latest updates and visit us at to get access to our free investment e-letter.

It’s delivered six days a week, right to your email inbox. With that, Paul, it’s so good to see you.

Paul Mampilly: Thanks for having me, Amber. We were talking before we got on and there was an amazing piece of news over the weekend. It fulfills one of the predictions I made and was kind of mocked for earlier this year.

I said that I believed that one country would adopt Bitcoin (BTC) as their currency. The president of El Salvador this weekend as part of a BTC conference said he was going to do exactly that, actually introduce BTC as a currency. I went and looked up El Salvador.

This is a perfect case for why BTC is a universal solution to so many issues around current monetary systems around the world. 70% of their economy is based on cash because their currency is so unreliable and uses value so rapidly. As a result of that, people simply use cash.

Then they are dependent on U.S. dollars, which means people flee El Salvador to come to the United States to send U.S. dollars back. Or else they have to find a way, sometimes through nefarious means, to capture dollars to bring them in. That is the only thing that has value in their country.

For them, I believe adopting BTC takes out a lot of problems. They now have a currency that no government controls. No one can try to stop them from acquiring it. They can take the value of their work and put it in something that will retain its value. People complain about BTC’s volatility, but this has been studied.

BTC, even with its astonishing volatility, has held its value better than the vast majority of currencies around the world. BTC has seen 50% and even 80% volatility. Despite that, it’s still been a better store of value for the vast majority of people around the world.

I wanted to bring this up. Hey, I predicted it. I might as well take credit for it. You know, Amber, that the YouTube commenters would be out if I got it wrong. “Hey Paul, you said this and you weren’t even close.” Nonetheless, I think we will tick that one off.

Amber: I think you can. That can come off the scoreboard.

Paul: Since crypto is a big part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and America 2.0, I wanted to start with BTC today. Also, remind folks that our incredible colleague Ian Dyer is going to be leading our crypto trader product. You can sign up ahead of time here.

We have been updating people on this new service that is coming at the end of this month. Then, also on the crypto market where we are BOP — bullish, optimistic, positive. In our Profits Unlimited portfolio we own BTC. I have made a prediction that I believe it will be at $250,000 in 12 months.

Many people are in disbelief of this prediction. However, Ian Dyer actually has an even bigger prediction. He believes it’s going to be at $350,000 some time late next year. If you want to participate in that, Profits Unlimited is one way to participate. Our new crypto product is another way to participate.

Then we also own Ethereum (ETH) in our Profits Unlimited portfolio. That, I believe, is going to go to $20,000 over the next 12 months. It also represents significant upside from here. I tweeted a poll this weekend. The poll asked people how big they thought the cyptoconomy was going to be over the next three, five and 10 years.

I gave people four options. The fourth option I just said, “This is crazy talk.” However, will the cryptoconomy be as big as Japan in three years? Or as big as the European Union in five years? Japan is about a $3 trillion economy. The European Union is a $10 trillion economy. The U.S. economy is about $30 trillion.

The last option was $30 trillion in 10 years. I believe that the first option, which is $5 trillion, was winning when I last checked my poll. However, I actually believe it will happen much faster than that. That’s because the nature of virtual products is that it takes a different level of work.

We have computers doing the work. Naturally, value in the digital world can rise much faster than in the physical world. Just like in a previous time value in an industrial economy could rise much faster than in an agrarian economy.

Prior to that, in the agrarian economy, the agriculture revolution was able to generate value and wealth much faster than in a subsistence economy where we had none of those things. I believe it’s a reasonable assumption to believe crypto is going to be the fastest growing economy of its kind.

That’s our update on one critical part of America 2.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and this new world that is rapidly starting to take off in so many different ways. As we come out of the pandemic, the lockdowns and the vaccines are distributed, in our country we have passed the 50% mark in terms of people having at least one dose.

Hopefully it will be at 60% and 70% and 80% soon like what Israel and many other countries are doing. That way we can move on from the last effects of this pandemic and regain the freedoms we have been forced to give up for the past 18 months.

An Update on Fourth Industrial Revolution Stock Market

Moving on the America 2.0 stock market, the Fourth Industrial Revolution stock market, which is our stock market. For those folks who are new to this channel, we focus exclusively on a set of stocks we refer to as America 2.0 stocks. The outside world might see them as growth stocks.

Even Fourth Industrial Revolution stocks is not known so much as terminology. For other people they may be known as stocks Cathie Wood or our friends at ARK Invest invest in. They are very future oriented. However, to us they are present oriented. They are where the world is and where it’s going.

Our stocks have gone through a correction for nearly four months now. It started around February 15 and it seemed to have ended about four to six weeks ago. However, the end is only available in hindsight. It does seem like last week we saw some strong buying coming in from a lot of buyers on many of our stocks.

We could see them start to get bid up. We saw strong volume come in. Of course, as these companies were announcing their results for the first quarter, they are telling us that everything is moving fast — really fast. In other words, what began in 2020 is actually moving even faster.

It’s been a tough few months for our Strong Hands Nation to hold on to their stocks. That’s just the truth of it. For these kinds of stocks, a correction can be a minimum of a 30% drop. That’s just starting. It could be 50% for some stocks.

For very small stocks, when the buying comes out and some seller is willing to take something 70% lower it can happen. It’s been a difficult period. Nonetheless, we are so early on in this revolution. We are invested in the first inning in what can be a double header.

There is so much money to be made, which is why I am so BOP. What megatrend can you point to that has affected your life directly?

Amber: Of course Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. I was mentioning on our recent meeting, with our security cameras and our phones and everything connected to sensors, that’s how we are functioning today. So IoT is one of the things that directly affects me.

Paul: You mentioned one of the things that happened for you or someone in your family using telemedicine.

Amber: Yes! That’s becoming more prolific day by day. Just for a regular doctor’s appointment. You do not have to physically go in the office. For me, I just had a teleconference over the phone or video conference. It lasts about 15 minutes. If you need a prescription it’s sent straight away through their system and you are done.

You never have to leave your home. It’s so convenient. It’s definitely what we are seeing for our megatrends going forward. Telemedicine is one for sure.

Paul: It’s more than that. I had an appointment with an advisor I use, I simply did it on Zoom. It was so much easier. I never had to leave the house. I just showed up on my computer. I was able to do something that was super easy. These are the things that are accelerating the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

One of the things many people are taking for granted is these vaccines we have. We have one from Pfizer BioNTech, one from Moderna and one from Johnson & Johnson. I can speak to the first two which are based on mRNA technology. It’s an astonishing technology.

It’s exactly what we would want precision medicine to deliver. This is a revolution. You can go back and look at the history of vaccines and we have never had a vaccine that is 94%, 95%, 99% effective — never. We have also never been able to synthesize a vaccine that is so safe in just one year.

And have that vaccine distributed and there are so few side effects. This is another example of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, except in healthcare and medicine. Bottom line: I am so BOP about our stocks, Fourth Industrial Revolution stocks and America 2.0 stocks.

This is real change. It’s happening. The benefits are significant and they are so real. This is just the beginning. The vast majority of the world is still looking back in the rearview mirror and buying things like ExxonMobil, Wells Fargo, Coca-Cola and all that junk.

We can tell you, the world is going somewhere else and you should get on board right now. Otherwise, it’s going to be like everything else folks missed, whether it be BTC, Amazon, Google or Netflix. You will say, “Wow, that was so obvious. It was clear, but because everyone else around me was wiling to go along I stayed there.”

Folks, this is the moment to get on the America 2.0 bandwagon. The two best ways in our judgement to do it are to join Profits Unlimited at or follow us through Bold Profits Daily. Amber, I am going on and on. I just wanted to make it clear that I am very BOP.

Amber: That’s the way to be. Thank you for sharing all your insights. We appreciate you. Thank you for joining us.

Paul: Thank you, Amber.

This 3D Printing Technology Could Transform EVs

Amber: See you soon. A big thank you to Paul for joining us today for Market Talk Monday. To wrap things up, I want to focus on the 3D printing, EV battery development I mentioned earlier. On April 21, I wrote a Bold Profits Daily article featuring details on a huge 3D printing technology that we can day could transform EVs.

Blackstone Technology, a Germany-based battery manufacturer, successfully 3D printed and tested the world’s first solid-state battery cell. This battery has more range, less weight, faster charging times — you name it. It’s set to be a gamechanger in the electric world.

These next-level batteries use solid electrodes and electrolytes versus liquid electrolyte solutions in current lithium ion batteries. The solid electrodes and electrolytes set the stage for longer battery life cycles. This means solid-state batteries have the capacity and technology to transform the electric device battery market, in particular, EVs.

Solid-state batteries have the potential to nearly double the battery range of current EVs on the roadways right now. This is per Samsung Research. The solid-state battery market is projected to jump 135% by 2027, reaching $87 billion. That’s a solid increase from the $37 billion it was valued at just last year.

As reported by 3D Printing Media Network, Sakuu Corp, a pioneer in automated multi-process 3D printing based in San Jose, CA, recently presented a new industrial-grade battery 3D printer, developed specifically for e-mobility batteries.

The company, whose motto is “Dream it. Build it.” is set to enable a “fast and high-volume production of 3D printed solid-state batteries. These batteries will use around 30%-50% fewer materials significantly reducing production costs.

“This manufacturing milestone is enabled by the world’s first and only multi-material, multi-process 3D printer – the Sakuu Additive Manufacturing or AM Platform.

“Thanks to its capability to build complex functional devices at industrial rates, Sakuu anticipates the 3D printer’s attributes being easily transferable to a host of different applications in other industry sectors.”

The 3D printer maker’s Founder, CEO and chairman states,

“For the e-mobility markets specifically, we believe this to be a landmark achievement, and one that could transform consumer adoption of electric vehicles. Solid-state batteries are a holy grail technology, but they are both very difficult and expensive to make.

“By harnessing the flexibility and efficiency-enhancing capabilities of our unique and scalable AM process, we’re enabling battery manufacturers and EV companies to overcome these fundamental pain points.”

This is where we are headed, Bold Profits Nation, where 3D printing and EV batteries are concerned. We’re all-in on EV and battery technology. And Paul’s got his eyes, as always, on the next innovation that can transform the industry.

In this case, it’s a “black magic powder” that can supercharge a battery by 2,500%! Paul and the team have put together a full report on this battery breakthrough. It was discovered by one of Tesla’s original employees. Now, it has the power to unleash endless energy on demand.

In Paul’s special report, Endless Energy, he’s recommending the number one stock for this revolution. To check out all the details in this report and the stock picks, click here.



Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

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