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2 Great Ways to Play AI’s 343% Surge in 2020

2 Great Ways to Play AI’s 343% Surge in 2020

Story Highlights:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is leading a new biotech revolution — helping to diagnose and treat cancer, heart disease and other health conditions.
  • Here’s the best way to buy into the global AI market, which will become a $12.4 billion industry by 2023 — a rise of 343% since 2017.
  • We have an AI opportunity that’s already up more than 75%.

Investing in health care used to mean putting your money into old-world Big Pharma stocks or medical device manufacturers.

Not anymore.

Today, it pays to invest in the new world of health — artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, genetics and other mega trends creating a new era of “precision medicine.”

These trends are at the heart of our Bold Profits services.

AI has been particularly profitable, with one stock rocketing up more than 75% since Paul Mampilly recommended it.

And this is just the beginning. Here are just two advances in recent months that tell me AI med-tech is poised to take off in 2020:

  • In September, genetics researchers at Queen Mary University of London used AI to identify heart disease genes in people at risk and help boost the development of new drugs for heart failure. The findings, published in the journal Circulation, were based on an AI analysis of heart MRIs from 17,000 Brits. Researchers linked genetic factors to 22% to 39% of heart defects and identified 14 regions in the human genome that put patients at high risk of heart attack.
  • In October, scientists at the University of California San Francisco found that AI software can spot a brain bleeding on an X-ray scan — a high-tech advance that could help diagnose strokes, head injuries and ruptured blood vessels.

The global AI market is set to become a $12.4 billion industry by 2023 — a 343% rise since 2017.

Coupled with the cutting-edge breakthroughs happening now, I believe there’s a great investment opportunity in AI in 2020.

2 Ways to Invest in the AI Revolution Before the 343% Surge

The way I see it, investors who act on the profit potential of AI can help boost the remarkable innovations that are helping people live longer, healthier and better lives, while also boosting their portfolios.

Why shouldn’t you be one of the investors who is doing well by also doing good?

So, here are two ways you can profit from the AI revolution:

  1. Paul Mampilly found an AI company that’s on a 75% tear since he first recommended it. But that’s only the beginning when it comes to what he sees coming for AI. I’ll let him explain it all here and show you how you can grab these front-runners today.
  2. Another way to leverage the AI revolution: Invest in an exchange-traded fund (ETF). I recommend the Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF (Nasdaq: BOTZ). The fund holds a portfolio of about 30 companies at the forefront of robotics and AI. Since January, the ETF is up nearly 33% — beating the S&P 500 Index.

Has artificial intelligence had an impact on your health or wealth? Write us at and tell us how you’ll follow this mega trend to 2020 profits.

Until next week…

To your health and wealth,

Nick Tate

Senior Editorial Manager, Banyan Hill Publishing

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