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$12 Trillion Market: Uber IPO Projection a Stunner!

$12 Trillion Market: Uber IPO Projection a Stunner!

Big news this week in initial public offerings (IPOs)!

On Thursday, Zoom, Pinterest and Greenlane went public, closing up 72%, 28% and 24% the same day, respectively.

And our January 10 Renaissance IPO ETF recommendation is already up 20%. It pays to be a Bold Profits reader!

And this is just the beginning…

2019 promises to be a banner year for IPOs.

This week Paul Mampilly discussed the news that Uber, the big daddy of ride-sharing services, is going public — with an IPO (initial public offering) valued at $100 billion.

That would make it the second-highest IPO ever — after Facebook, which came in at about $106 billion.

“Between all the businesses they are involved in … they are talking about being a $12 trillion opportunity,” notes Paul Mampilly. “I have never seen any IPO — not Google’s IPO, not Facebook’s IPO — ever put their addressable market at $12 trillion.”

Paul also explains that the era of the uber-priced IPO — like Uber’s $100 billion — is here. It’s the new normal.

What’s driving them: disruptification — new world innovations that offer better and cheaper ways of doing things than old world industries.

“This is the essence of disruption. There’s going to be more companies like [Uber] that are going to be valuable,” Paul notes. He adds: “Watch out, we may have an exciting announcement on IPOs in four to six weeks.”

In this week’s Bold Profits Daily, we pinpoint key disruptifiers. If you missed any of our updates, you can catch up with the links below.

Week in Review

Monday, April 15: Paul Mampilly, Amber Lancaster and Ian Dyer join us on video to explain Why Robots Are Actually Fueling Job Growth in this week’s Market Talk. Automation and artificial intelligence aren’t replacing workers, as some fear, but are creating jobs. Paul also takes a deep dive into Uber’s IPO, Amber profiles a game-changing genetics company and Ian notes the U.S. jobless rate hit a 50-year low. Click here to watch.

Tuesday, April 16: Paul Mampilly advises you to Invest in E-Gaming Stocks for Massive Profit. He notes the world of e-gaming is exploding, fueled by millennials who grew up with video games and are now turning to gaming industry into a money-making factory. Click here to watch and for Paul’s recommendation on how to get in on this trend.

Wednesday, April 17: Amber Lancaster pinpoints the No. 1 Stock for the Millennial “Alt-Milk” Trend, with the conventional dairy industry being fast disruptified by nondairy alternatives that are on a tear. Click here for Amber’s best bet on how to take advantage of this investment opportunity.

Thursday, April 18: Ian Dyer spotlights how to Make Huge Profits From Telehealth’s 400% Growth, revealing 7 in 10 health care providers now offer telemedicine services — a figure that’s sure to grow. Click here for Ian’s take on an exchange-traded fund that lets you capitalize.

Friday, April 19: Nick Tate digs into a massive med-tech investment prospect in 4,500% Biotech Opportunity: Needle-Free Diabetes Devices. Nick notes two big diabetes advances are going to make needles obsolete, and investors wealthy. Click here for Nick’s tips on how to capitalize on this good-news mega medical trend.

Until next week,

Your Bold Profits Team

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