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Take 10X Gains in 5 Years With the 3D-Printing Mega Trend!

Take 10X Gains in 5 Years With the 3D-Printing Mega Trend!

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 In high school, my friends called me Freddie Mercury.

And not because I could sing like the late Queen frontman (no one can).

It was because of my teeth.

So, not long ago, I invested in clear braces to fix my teeth.

But what I didn’t know until recently, was those clear-plastic mouthpieces were custom-made for me by a 3D printer.

And it got me thinking … “What else am I using today that’s 3D printed?” Turns out, it’s a fairly long list.

For instance, the Nike sneakers I wear are made with 3D-printed midsoles. This technology is also used to create the components in my smartphone, the laptop I used to research and write this article, the TV in my living room and even the car I drive.

These examples just scratch the surface.

What this tells me is that 3D-printing technology has touched virtually every aspect of my life — at home, work and play — and probably yours, too.

But it sounds like there’s still plenty of room for more…

I recently asked you how you would use 3D printing in your everyday life. And 54% said you’d 3D print robots!

The 3D-printing revolution is just beginning. In fact, the global market for this technology is projected to rise more than 300% — to $44.4 billion — by 2025.

This is why 3D printing is one of our Bold Profits mega trends. It’s at the heart of America 2.0.

I believe it’s the most promising and profitable technology to emerge in the digital age.

And for investors who recognize how 3D printing will drive America 2.0 innovations, it’s going to quickly become one of the best investments you can make in this decade.

3D Print Your Way to Profits This Year

3D printing first emerged in the 1970s — about the time Star Trek introduced the idea that space travelers would one day 3D print their own food, clothes, spare parts and equipment.

But what you may not know is that it’s only taken off in the real world in the past three to five years.

Costs for the technology have been plummeting while new advances, applications and investments have been soaring.

In 2013, for instance, 3D printing was a $4.4 billion industry. By 2018, it had grown to a $10.87 billion industry. It’s on track to hit $44.4 billion by 2025 — a whopping 900% rise since 2013!

If you’ve been following Paul Mampilly’s America 2.0 updates or are a member of one of his Bold Profits investment research services, you already know some of the best stocks to tap into the phenomenal potential of 3D printing.

But I want to provide another way to dip a toe into the 3D-printing investment pool. You can add The 3D Printing ETF (BATS: PRNT) to your portfolio. The exchange-traded fund (ETF) lets you profit from 56 companies that are leading this mega trend.

It’s been a steady performer — still on the rise. With the market’s booming growth, you could be looking at triple-digit gains in the next five years.

But keep in mind. We’re standing at the very foothills of the mountainous growth for 3D printing as America 2.0 takes hold.

Before I sign off, I’d like to hear from you! Are you using any 3D-printed products? Email us at with your answer. You can even include a picture if you’d like!

To your health and wealth,

Nick Tate

Nick Tate

Senior Editorial Manager, Banyan Hill Publishing

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