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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: 1 Way to Become an Ace Investor

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: 1 Way to Become an Ace Investor

The most important day of my life happened about 20 years ago — the day I became a U.S. citizen.

And very soon after that, I applied for my passport. For me, that little book represents so much of who I am as a person.

I fought so hard for that little book. And when I was in the thick of it, there was one thing I kept telling myself.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

And to be an ace investor, you have to do the same. You have to block out the cacophony of negativity and keep looking forward.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is reshaping the world we live in, and by keeping this one thing in mind, you’ll be a more focused and determined investor. That means you’ll be more likely to grab the enormous gains in America 2.0.

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I came here as an 18-year-old kid and to be honest, I was just that, a kid. I was an idiot, a fool. I knew nothing. I knew less than nothing.

And I made every mistake in the book.

But I kept at it, I kept going. I never gave up.

And that’s because I understood one important thing which was responsible for my early success and it is a critical factor to stock market success.

I came here as a student so I was on a series of visas.

20 years later, after going through the legal immigration system, I finally one day went to a courthouse in Brooklyn, put my hand up and swore allegiance to the United States of America.

After that, very soon, I went and applied for my U.S. passport.

For me, that’s when it felt official that I was now proudly, an American.

I could truly stand in front of American’s or other people and travel the world and show my passport.

For me, it proved my identity as being an American and something I fought so hard for.

And this is a lesson about investing.

I learned the value of fighting for something, for thinking of the end goal, and staying strong all the way to the end.

So many people listen to this person with technical analysis, this person with quantitative analysis and this person with fundamental analysis.

Then there’s the guy who’s bearish, the guy who’s bullish and this guy from this brokerage company with this price target and this guy downgraded this and this guy upgraded that.

When in the end, the stock market is ultimately about one thing and one thing only.

You stay true to the path.

keep calm and invest onYou keep calm and invest on.

Before passport, before I was a U.S. citizen there were times I struggled

The paperwork was difficult and the process was overwhelming.

I used to say one thing to myself: Keep your eyes on the prize.

Keep moving it forward to what matters.

There are so many different ways to invest, so many styles and so many choices.

But when you find data that supports investing in a trend that will change the world, you have to act on it and stay with it.

That’s America 2.0.

This level of foresight requires strength. Investing in innovation means keeping your eyes on the prize.

We are on the verge of entering a new world.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating a new world that will make the current world in front of us today unrecognizable.

No different than if you were born in 1900 and looked at today and looked backward at the highest technology of steam engines and electricity and telephones.

The hardest part of this is just to focus on that one idea.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Big money was made by those who could see these coming revolutions. Those who invested in the right stocks.

I believe these are America 2.0 stocks, these are the stocks of the future.

These have been doing incredibly well for four years now.

I can tell you, the vast majority of people will wait until it’s too late because they will want everyone to confirm they are right.

They will want the analysts, the newspapers and the tweets to tell them they are right.

That will be too late. All the price gains will largely be in.

Now is the moment to get in America 2.0.

Now is the time to get in on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

I believe that there is massive upside ahead. While others talk of recessions, crashes and crises, I believe the opposite.

I have said this for a long time.

We have never seen an intersecting of megatrends like this ever before.

Investors who are focused on the past are filled with fear. They will miss this opportunity.

When you look to the future, you have to make some judgments, you have to take some risks, you have to have some courage, conviction and belief.

You have to take action.

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Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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