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1 Set of Powerful Stocks to Go UP after Fed Moves

1 Set of Powerful Stocks to Go UP after Fed Moves

Interest rates are already baked into the cake.

Let the other guys worry about that. You? Invest for the future. 

There’s an almost taboo set of stocks that have been trashed … but have a track record of going UP 📈 during interest rate hikes, doom, gloom and negativity.

One of the stocks went from $2.12 to nearly $60 in about six months! 

(Note: I’m revealing details about two companies for this group of stocks in a special presentation next week. Click here so you don’t miss it.)

This is where you can get the biggest bang for your buck with the Federal Reserve’s moves. Can you guess? See if you got it right here:


It’s do or die. Doom or gloom. It’s actually not anything near as bad as that, but it is the week when if you’re an investor, speculator or trader you are listening for news about the Fed, interest rates. What is going to happen? Are they going to raise it by .25%? .50%? Or a surprise .75%?

You know, whatever is going to happen is going to happen. If you ask me, whatever they are going to do is already baked in the cake. It then makes you think what you should be invested in for the future. We’re going to quickly move through this and move past it.

If you ask me, not that anyone is actively asking me, there is a kind of stock that most people say are trash and terrible. Except, they have this amazing track record of going up and going up huge in very short periods of time. It often happens after these interest rate moves.

You are probably thinking, “What’s this dude talking about? Is he talking about disruption stocks?” Nope. “Is he talking about ARK Innovation ETF?” Nope. “Maybe he’s talking about Teladoc. It got hit.” Nope. Alright, I’m going to reveal all here.

What Are Meme Stocks?

I am talking about meme stocks. Stocks like GameStop. Stocks like AMC. Stocks that have a certain speculative taboo quality to them. If you go onto all the usual websites — MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Journal, even all of our esteemed gurus at my publishing company — I would say there is a consensus that meme stocks are terrible.

That they are terrible, they are awful, nobody should invest in them. Only dumb people like me. I own AMC, full disclosure. I own a lot of AMC. Only dumb people like me invest in that. The truth is, there is a good reason why these meme stocks have rocketed up.

I recommended GameStop in Extreme Fortunes, our small-cap subscription service. We sold out because the pressure I was getting from everybody telling me what a terrible stock it was made me fold. Bad on me. That’s never going to happen again. I am going to stick to my convictions.

We bought in somewhere near $3 or $4 and we ended up selling somewhere near $14. Look where it is today. At the peak it was up insane amounts. Even AMC at the low was at $2 and now it’s at $16. At the high it was at $74. I think it’s going to go even higher.

Again, full disclosure, I own it. I am obviously biased and obviously prejudice. But the truth is, these are not the only stocks out there. Meme stocks are a category of stock that in another time, in my judgment, would be the true value stocks of our time.

Because when you go and look at them you find these companies have extraordinary value. It’s a social opinion that there’s something wrong with them that’s keeping them repressed and low. It’s a social opinion. Like a reverse meme. Like an alternate world of bizarro expectations of the world and how the world should work and what companies like GameStop or AMC should trade at.


Why The Interest Rates Rising?

I can see if you go back to 2020 where you had a period just like this where a lot of stocks like meme stocks and others had been destroyed, then there was Fed action that happened. In that case it was lowering interest rates. In this case it’s raising interest rates.

The key is, the world anticipated negative things. There was this pervasive sense of gloom and doom that things could only go wrong. That was the environment in which meme stocks took off and rocketed off. If you went and looked at the meme stocks, they were real businesses.

They were companies that held millions of dollars in cash. What there was also was this narrative that they were declining businesses and they were going to go to zero.

Even though when you went and looked at them logically, factually and made your determination based on these things, you could see these companies were perhaps struggling to deal with what every company is dealing with today — digital disruption, digital transition — but they still had a product or service that is beloved by the millennial generation and gen Z who grew up with them and is attached to their brands, products and services.

I believe you can extend this kind of thinking to a lot of companies whose stocks have been destroyed because of this social negative meme matrix that’s been going on. The MBA type people who are addicted to the S&P 500 and making these tiny little bets, it doesn’t fit their way of thinking so it’s completely wrong.

All these stocks, forget about them. In fact, they’re going to go short. When retail traders, apes, strong hands nation folks, come in and buy, we put pressure on these stocks to go up. Now you start to have a lot of analysis that’s more reasonable and says, “Wait a second, they have hundreds of millions in cash. They have a great business. They have a customer base that didn’t go anywhere.”

It’s only the social negativity matrix that is keeping them down. When that happens, the demand for the stock pushes that up. Now it goes back to trading a much more reasonable appropriate levels. That’s where I would tell you with the kind of moves we’ve had in the past seven months.

Ever since the Federal Reserve said they were going to raise interest rates and the gloom and doomers, the index huggers, the index hogs, the folks with Harvard MBAs that think they know everything, say that GameStop should be worth nothing, AMC should be worth nothing.

They should all go bankrupt. Those folks are wrong.


Have You Heard Of Reble Stocks?

There are other stocks out there. I’m about to actually launch a video talking about this opportunity, these rebel stocks and these rebel traders who are going against the norm. They are pushing back and saying these companies are actually good investment.

Not only that, they believe in these companies and are going to support them. That’s really the place where if I was putting money today and saying I think the Federal Reserve’s moves are discounted — meaning it’s already put into prices — where you are likely to see the biggest bang for your buck as the Federal Reserve releases news that is expected already.

Meme stocks is where I would go. Check into your favorite meme stock. You can go on Reddit and find them. We have a few in our portfolios. Meme stocks are stocks that are under $5, have some brands, products and services that are loved by the millennial generation and gen Z.

And they have short interest in this pervasive negativity matrix that’s overlaid on top of them. I can’t give away the two stocks I am going to focus my presentation on, but look out for something in your email. If you don’t belong to our free email list, it’s an easy way to stay informed.

It’s called Bold Profits Daily. Check into that. There will be details down below. Come back next week for another video. Bye.



Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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