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1 ETF to Buy Before Next 547% Gain in Genetics Testing

1 ETF to Buy Before Next 547% Gain in Genetics Testing

Remember what it was like to take a road trip, before we had GPS devices, using hard-to-read paper maps to get where you were going?

That’s exactly where we are with our health care system today…

Many doctors still rely on paper medical records, old-world diagnostic tests and Big Pharma marketing to decide how to treat their patients.

But there’s a new and better way that’s a little like the GPS equivalent for modern medicine.

I’m talking about genetic testing.

And now, we have a breakthrough taking genetic testing to the next level. It’s called whole genome sequencing (WGS). And it maps all 20,500 genes in the human body just as GPS technology maps virtually every road on the planet.

Unlike all those at-home kits you can order online, which only test for a handful of genetic traits, WGS testing identifies every single gene you have.

A complete genetic blueprint of your entire genome.

This is HUGE. Not just for precision medicine. But for you as a mega trend investor.

$100 Testing Triggers Huge Gains Ahead

One major breakthrough announced this month will help move WGS into the mainstream this year.

A California genomics company is about to bring the cost to decode a full human genome to about $100.

That could make it as common and affordable as X-rays and conventional blood tests.

To put this in perspective, the first sequencing of the human genome cost $2.7 billion in 2003. That fell to $100 million in 2007, $1,000 in 2014 and $600 today.

What this tells me is that the genetics revolution is about to explode.

Here’s what Paul says:

When the price for an in-demand tech product or service drops by that much it’s the trigger for phenomenal gains.

We saw it happen with advances in rocket launches that have cut costs 99% over 40 years, priming the space industry for takeoff.

We’ve seen the same trend with microchips, cloud storage and even the candy industry. There was a crazy “Candy Bar Boom” after sugar prices fell 90% in 1920.

And now the same thing is about to happen with genetic sequencing.

The cost of the tests dropped from billions almost two decades ago to $600 today — with $100 WGS tests on the near horizon.

A boom here is coming. And demand for it is strong.

Diagnostic genetic screenings can determine if you’re at risk for certain conditions. Biotech startups have also begun developing medications that target those very same underlying genetic factors.

But a WGS test takes it to the next level — examining all of the genes in the human body. That offers a new way to diagnose and treat diseases that account for 75% of health care costs.

At $100, doctors will order whole-genome tests for even healthy patients.

How big will the market grow? One market analysis, published in the scientific journal Genome Biology, projects 60 million people will opt for a WGS test by 2025 — up from about 1 million in 2018.

This is the next step up for precision medicine. And the precision medicine market is expected to rise to $216.75 billion by 2028 — up from $78.85 billion in 2018, a growth rate of 175%.

Today, I have a way for you to capitalize on this market, before WGS testing hits that pivotal $100 cost.

Buy in Before WGS Has Its Candy Bar Boom Moment

Timing is everything in the stock market.

And precision medicine is about to have a skyrocketing moment as this WGS test becomes just as easy to get as an X-ray.

So here’s how I recommend getting in today: Buy the Ark Genomic Revolution ETF (NYSE: ARKG).

This exchange-traded fund (ETF) invests in companies tied to the genomics revolution — in health care, information technology, materials, energy and consumer discretionary sectors.

Over the past five years, ARKG has soared more than 547%!

And with the genetics revolution just taking off, I believe that’s only the beginning.

By investing in the genetics revolution, you just might be putting your money into new diagnostic tests and therapies that could save lives.

At the same time, you can pocket the profits from companies leading this new and better way of delivering health care.

Until next time.

To your health and wealth,

Nick Tate

Nick Tate

Senior Editorial Manager, Banyan Hill Publishing

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