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850% Bitcoin Jump + Dow 100K by 2021

850% Bitcoin Jump + Dow 100K by 2021

Story Highlights:

  • Big 2021 forecasts for bitcoin and the Dow.
  • The catalyst that could push bitcoin to $115K by August.
  • Three Blacklist stocks to avoid and the best way to spot buys for America 2.0’s Dow.

Bitcoin is coming to the new Dow in 2021?

With our bitcoin $115K prediction by August, this could be just what the doctor ordered to push the Dow to our six-digit goal.

It could happen as early as next year.

You see, a catalyst just sparked last week when one company became a trendsetter and bought up $50 million of bitcoin.

What this all means is by investing in the new stocks of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, you can see profits from an unprecedented run — from bitcoin and the Dow 100K.

Nothing like this has ever happened. But we are in new territory … America 2.0.

We’re #BOP (bullish, optimistic and positive) on bitcoin and the new Dow Jones Industrial Average heading straight to 100K.

Today I’m going to tell you how to spot the stocks for this new era (including Paul’s pick).

But first, let me tell you how bitcoin is making its move toward the Dow.

6-Digit Prediction for Bitcoin and the Dow

We said before that bitcoin could hit $115,000 by August of 2021. That’s roughly an 850% jump from where bitcoin is currently trading!

For the Dow to cross the six-digit threshold it’ll have to rocket up 245% from here.

So the race is still on. However, by adding bitcoin to the Dow 30, we could hit both of these goals with one shot!

To be clear, I’m not saying bitcoin will replace the companies in the Dow, but rather be adopted by all 30.

The possibility became clear last week.

A major company bought up $50 million of bitcoin — roughly 2.5% of their total cash.

This is the beginning of a major move for America 2.0 companies. Bitcoin is more efficient, safer and easier to access.

This is exactly the kind of new-world practices we want to see when recommending stocks.

If each of the 30 stocks in the index put just 1% of their cash into bitcoin, then the Dow would have approximately 420,000 coins assisting in its surge to 100K.

That 420,000 bitcoins would be worth $48.3 billion.

That’s a lot of room for you to lock in gains, but not with the current 30 stocks…

Spot the America 2.0 Stocks to Buy for Dow 100K

Before you go push the buy button on all 30 tickers in the Dow, you should pump the brakes.

As you know, the Dow is currently filled with a lot of America 1.0 stocks. These are companies with broken business models that are not innovating or disrupting industries.

Some Blacklist ones you should avoid in the current Dow include:

  • Chevron Corp. (NYSE: CVX)
  • Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE: KO)
  • Nike Inc. (NYSE: NKE)

These old-worlders are not going to put any bitcoin on their balance sheets or carry the Dow to 100K.

The ones that will are America 2.0 innovators leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Investing in those stocks is how to make the big gains in 2021 and beyond. And to help you spot them, we’ve put together a free report for you.

It’s your America 2.0 Checklist. (Click here to read it now.)

This can guide you to America 2.0 businesses with forward-looking management. Even those that are more open to using their cash to invest in bitcoin!

But if you’d rather us do the research for you and recommend specific stocks for this trend, take a look at Paul’s flagship newsletter Profits Unlimited.

It has a laser-focused America 2.0 portfolio — currently with a 54% win rate since its inception!

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is already happening, but we predict that it’s only going to get bigger from here.

So just imagine the gains you can lock in as these stocks soar higher in the next few years.

Click here to unlock Paul’s No.1 stock for America 2.0 and see how to gain access to the Profits Unlimited portfolio now. You’ll also get Paul’s full Blacklist of 100 companies to sell for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Bitcoin is a huge move for new-world companies. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the future Dow filled with America 2.0 companies … all using bitcoin.

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

Paul’s Calling It: Our Dow 100K Forecast

First, Paul said that the Dow would soar over 25,000 almost exactly four years ago:

Every ounce of my personal research is screaming BUY. We are entering the biggest bull market in U.S. history.

Take a look at what happened:

Now Paul’s making another big call for the Dow to soar to 100,000! If you can get at the forefront of this economic upgrade, you’ll have a chance to reap massive financial rewards.

In fact, citizens from every edge of our great nation — from farmers to doctors and from 10-year-olds to 100-year-olds — will have the chance to profit. And that’s just the start! Click here to see the full scope of this now.

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