Jeff D. Opdyke

A prolific author and seasoned investment expert, Jeff Opdyke is the editor of several of our best financial newsletters, including Total Wealth Insider, Frontline Investor and Precision Profits. A former hedge fund manager, he is the author of 10 bestselling books and is a sought-out speaker on CNBC, MSNBC and Good Morning America.

Jeff is a world traveler and international investor. He has been investing directly in the international markets since 1995, making him one of the true pioneers of foreign trading. His passion is finding the renegade plays on the ground in overseas markets, and uncovering those explosive trends long before they become mainstream. Today, he operates with brokerage accounts in New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Egypt and elsewhere.

Prior to joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2010, Jeff spent 17 years with The Wall Street Journal, where his work was circulated among 10 million readers worldwide. He was perhaps best known for his work in the Journal’s nationally syndicated Love & Money column, where he wrote about matters of investing and personal finance.

A seasoned investor and trader, Jeff is the editor of Total Wealth Insider, a monthly advisory where Jeff alerts his readers to his latest economic forecasts, targeting specific investment opportunities to help them grow their wealth far faster than they could just parking their money in an index fund, as well as how to stay safe during boom and bust cycles. With more than 25,000 subscribers, Total Wealth Insider has a proven track record for uncovering the most profitable investment opportunities in places Wall Street doesn’t think to look, from global stocks and emerging-market investments, to foreign-currency plays. It’s also one of the most successful investment newsletters of its kind. Overtime, readers have pocketed gains as high as 142%, 197%, 207%, 544% and even 638%.

Jeff also has his hands in several of our other research services. As the editor of Precision Profits, Jeff has developed an investing system that routinely delivers triple-digit winners based on seasonal stock patterns. With the help of our in-house meteorologist and our top market technician, Jeff has helped readers uncover lightning-fast profits, such as 145% on Carnival Corp. in just 63 days … 129% on Cedar Fair in just 34 days … 200% on Outerwall in just 33 days … and even 109% on a discount retail store in just 15 days. What’s more, Jeff is able to identify as many as two to three opportunities like these every month, enabling his readers to grow and compound their wealth at a breakneck pace.

He is also the editor of Frontline Investor, a research service that shows how investing in-country can result in far greater returns than you could ever find on Wall Street. Building off the work Jeff does in Total Wealth Insider, Frontline Investor is truly a global investment advisory, allowing readers to fully capitalize on the opportunities in overseas markets. Charging his research, Jeff logs over 100,000 frequent flyer miles and travels to as many as 20 countries each year. His “boots on the ground” approach to investing ensures his subscribers are getting the best information from in-country sources at all times. It’s also a chance for people to follow along in his international travels as he scours the earth for the world’s next great investment opportunity.

Besides actively managing portfolios for his investing services, Jeff also writes a weekly column for our FREE newsletter, The Sovereign Investor Daily.


Jeff D. Opdyke
Editor of Total Wealth Insider, Precision Profits and Frontline Investor